Relationships between brands and their customers are changing.

Technology is playing a critical role in the way we communicate,how we communicate and the value of that communication .

It  is business unusual  as brands change the way they communicate .

Companies and customers  now recognize  that the quality of communication matters more than the constant bombardment with information.

Kenya being at the heart of the Eastern African region is now home to international brands which use Kenya as a base for launching regional offices.

Kenyan SME’s are now  the heart of economic growth.

At Maridadi Group we understand the Kenyan market,we understand the value that both local and international lifestyle brands place on their reputation.

We understand the power of relationships.

It is the reason we launched Kenya’s first  full service Event a and Branding agency to serve the needs of local and international brands .

To build the relationships businesses have with their customers

We believe that a successful  Event  and Branding agency is one that sees itself as a strategic  partner  in helping  its clients talk to and with their audiences.

Our Services include:

  • Brand Strategy:At Maridadi we live and breathe the brands we work with.We want to grow with both  local  and international businesses that seek to  gain a foothold in the region.
  • PR & Communication:At Maridadi we want to help our clients gain visibility on the media channels that matter most to them,be it traditional or digital media we want to increase visibility for our clients in the best possible way.
  • Event management:At Maridadi we pride ourselves on our creativity and ingenuity  in producing bespoke events that will generate results for our clients.


Maridadi Life works with  African Lifestyle SME’s  as well as global brands that have found a home on the continent,our work is to build and nurture the relationships these brands have with their customers and we leverage on our unique knowledge of the continent and its diverse cultures  to be able to do this.

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