Stay at home mum

When i received Mummytales cryptic sms I did not know  it would lead me to the set of Victoria’s lounge, sharing my experience of being a stay at home mum.

30 minutes is very little time to share your experience of 6 years,travelling over Kenya while raising 3 kids,it is the most fulfilling thing yet the most difficult thing i have ever done.

You see,i never planned or intended to be a stay at home mum for that period of time but the experience and the growth over the last 6 years ,i would not trade for anything.

It is skimming the surface when i say being a stay at home mum was something i felt i could afford to do at the time.

It is a story of a lot of blood ,sweat and tears over the years.

But it has led me to my meeting the most fantastic women in the world,been inspired by great women like my sister in law Diana,she is a Ninja.

And it has led me back to Nairobi,the most beautiful city in the world.

If you get to watch the show on Thursday at 7:30 pm on NTV,remember that is just my story,part of my story.

It is not the perfect solution for everyone and it should not be taken by everyone but for those who decide to be stay at home parents,my hats off to you.

You will be spending a part  a large part of your time doubting yourself,feeling like pulling your hair out and pleading with a 2 feet angel who will not touch peas because they are yuck .

Maybe they will pull a tantrum one,two,several times when they do not want to do their homework and you will think your working friends are the luckiest people in the world.

But you know what kids grow up, you can  never get those first three years back.

So whether you are working at home,from home or in an office,spend time with your children,know who they are ,love them and love yourself and cut yourself some slack,you are doing a great job.

And when you see me with lots of make up on TV looking like a deer caught in the headlights,be nice.




Working from home is not as easy as it is made out to be.

You get constant interruptions and with a wireless internet connection that keeps shifting to unimaginable corners of my house,it can get pretty interesting working from my home.

In the beginning i worked from all the corners of my house including my dining table.

But i  realized productivity would be increased if i got myself more organized.


Creating a space and place for you to work from will get you accomplishing more.

Set aside a time and a place for you to switch on your work mode.

And you need to get dressed too just like you would if you were working in an office.


Go outside

When you work from home it is very easy to feel shut in.

Get time to go out for short walks and take regular breaks.

The fresh air is great antidote to writers block.

Become smart with your money

When you work for yourself it is extremely important to become smart with your spending.

Invest in your financial management skills  or work with  a credible accountant or auditor to get your accounts in order .

Get social

Working from home  you become a lone ranger in an era where the majority of people have workmates to swap stories with  and company functions to look forward to.

Make it a point to schedule lunch or coffee dates and catch up with friends as well as out in the world.

Who knows your next big idea could come from there.

Do you work from home? leave a comment telling us how you make the most of your time and work space.




It has been a while but i am back and i missed you all.

I am back....!
I am back….!

While i was away the blogs readership has grown and now covers all continents and i want to thank everyone who paid the site a visit.

There are a lot of recipes i have been waiting to share with you so get ready and my pet project …my garden is doing fabulously well.

Nothing like growing your own vegetables,it is the best feeling in the world.