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I just took a look at the statistics on my blog for the months I have been away and  I  am so humbled and thankful for everyone who has paid the site a visit despite my sporadic posts.

Thank you,thank you,THANK YOU!

The reason why the posts have been so infrequent is because of a little girl who goes by the name Emma ,she came on the 12th of September and yes we are getting used to waking up at 3.00 AM to feed and think up new recipes for the blog.





I have a great love for outdoor dining and with our great weather Kenya is a wonderful place for alfresco dining whether you are having breakfast,lunch or dinner.

Nothing matches having meals outside in the fresh air,your taste buds just come alive and you enjoy the food more.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.
Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

We put so much thought and money  into indoor dining furniture , we can do the same for out-door dining if we are so inclined.

All you need is  furniture that can stand the elements and a small patio or verandah that adjoins your house and which should be preferably paved.

Here is a great article on choosing outdoor furniture that should set you on the path to enjoying the outdoors.

My family and I sometimes take out or coffee table and with the help of kikoys ,  khangas/lessos and  floor cushions    we have had  our  sunday lunch outside on the grass……dont let the lack of “appropriate furniture” deprive you of the fresh air outside.

Buon appetito!





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It’s the Muslim fasting period of Ramadhan and a lot of dates will be consumed during this period.

An odd number of dates is eaten to break the fast before the evening meal.According to the Muslim site one to three dates and 2 glasses of water is considered a healthy way to break the fast.

Dates are the fruits of the palm tree and the fruits have been a major part of the diet of the Middle east and South Asia.

Here in Kenya I have come across them thanks to the Muslim community a large majority of whom are found on the Kenyan coast.

Nutritionally dates are a source of simple sugars i.e sucrose and dextrose and that is why they are a great way of raising your blood sugars after a fasting period.

They are rich in dietary fibre and hence a good laxative if you suffer from constipation.

Dates are also a good source of iron which is essential for the formation of haemoglobin a blood component that determines the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells.They are also rich in potassium an important mineral that helps in the regulation of blood pressure heart rate.

Boiling milk in which dates have been added is a great convalescence drink too.

Read more about dates health benefits of dates.

Dried dates are best stored in an air tight container they have no need to be refrigrated though i have kept some  in my fridge for a week.