Keep your head up! source
Keep your head up!…photo source

How do you see yourself?

As a human being and as a human being?

Does your being here mean something?

Of course it does.

As women we tend to underestimate ourselves and society answers this by under valuing us and  we get caught up in gender battles as to who is better,smarter,stronger.

Yet the most amazing thing about all these gender wars is what we forget,what we never talk about.

We are created equal but different.

Women can make a difference just  as they are.

By changing the way we see ourselves we change the way society values us.

Our worth is not in who we wear,what we wear,the jobs we hold,the children we have or do not have.

It is just in that simple fact that we are here.

We are here because we matter and we can make a difference.

Change the way you see yourself today and see the spring in your step come back,the smile that lights up your eyes and suddenly  life becomes beautiful.


How do you see yourself?