A while back someone asked me if she could loose weight.

I told her she could not.

She was still breastfeeding.


I know it sounds unreasonable but breastfeeding women and pregnant women are a special group of women to me.

Unless after a thorough examination by a doctor who absolutely recommends that one should loose weight,i would not advise anyone to do so.

Reason for this is that the bodies of pregnant and breastfeeding women require more nourishment and putting on extra demands on them to loose weight ultimately affects their nutrition in the long term.

As women we have been known to take drastic measures especially when we want to lose weight,we fast,go on fad diets,we try everything to loose the extra kilo.

When you are breastfeeding or pregnant and are not eating healthy,it is your body that will bear the brunt of it.

Your baby will still get their milk,your growing bump will be nourished all at your nutritional expense.

Other people who need a doctors approval before trying to lose weight are people who have heart conditions,hypertension,diabetes as well as people undergoing chemotherapy and radio therapy.

Please seek medical advise and a nutritionist advise  if you intend to lose weight and are in any of these groups.