Just before the show aired last Thursday,i wrote about it in Lights.Camera.Action

The irony only hit me a few seconds later…..being a stay -at -home parent had got me on national Tv

Who would have thought…?

Victoria Rubadiri is as gracious in real life as she is on TV and we had a blast on the set at the design studio  of Mambo Interiors.

Being very interested in issues around women and parenting ,i asked Victoria a few questions on what had inspired Victoria’s Lounge, as well as how the reception for the show has been so far.

On the concept for the show , Victoria says she wanted to create a platform from where people could have  candid conversations about their experiences,you know kind of like the  ones we have with close family and friends around our kitchen tables or living rooms and in doing so  inspire and encourage someone .

Being a news anchor heavily influenced her decision to have a show around social issues as she wanted to interrogate issues  further than the time availed during a news bulletin would allow.As a result Victoria has seen how willing people are to talk about issues affecting them ,offer to help others as well as be influenced to seek help.

Through the choice of topics and guests she brings on the show ,she wants to encourage people  to talk and eventually move to seeking solutions to the issues that they are facing .And that people are able to draw encouragement and hope from her guests experiences,no matter what it is they are facing in life

As for her guests she wants them to have the gratification of knowing that by sharing their experience  they helped to inspire  and encourage someone.

So far, the reception for the show has been overwhelming and a  complete surprise was the large percentage of men who watch it ,such that they are thinking of future topics for the show that would include their male viewers.

We wish Victoria and her great team all the best in everything they do.

Make sure to catch the show every Thursday on NTV AT 7:30 pm and while at it become a fan of Victoria’s Lounge and make sure not to miss out on  inspiration.


Train up a child in the way he should go even and when  he is old he shall not turn from it..Proverbs 22:6

Children are not naturally inclined to be well behaved.

Good behavior in children is taught and  nurtured .

Being around a child or grown up who is well mannered is a pleasure and a delight and it is a skill that in life will open doors.

A book i have been reading set in the period just before the 2nd world war says that the sign of a well brought up child is gratitude.

And the best person to teach your child good manners is a parent or guardian by setting a good example.

The best time to instill good behavior and manners and before they get to 7 years of age.

A good place to start is  by expressing gratitude in the presence of your child for something your spouse or someone else has done.

It is a sign of  respect to be well mannered towards  everyone you meet,no matter what social class they belong to.

Acknowledge the help you have received from others.

When you are out shopping ,take this as an opportunity to teach your child  by expressing gratitude for help you have received from the service staff .

If you are a Christian you express gratitude by saying grace before meals,thanking God for the provision of food.

The rainy season in Kenya just started after a dry spell,at the first drops of rain i said a prayer together with my children thanking God for the rain.

Express gratitude that the rain shall feed the crops out in the fields and there shall be food on your plates as well as in the homes of millions of other people.

Training in good manners requires patience and you may only see the results months after you started it .

Begin when your child is young,be patient and keep repeating the lessons.

I would love to hear from you.Share your ideas on how we can bring up well mannered children in our comments section





I grew up with a dad who worked in the Film industry.

He had a lot of books on Film scattered around the house and i read them.

And i got introduced to the idea of nuances of  TV content.

A little while ago i was watching a criminologist on the German TV channel,Deutsche Welle discuss aggression and he said that we all get affected by the environment around us.

A child  who grows up in aggressive family,has aggressive friends and watches aggressive movies they will no doubt exhibit aggressions as he grows up.

Now seeing that i spend a lot of time working from home,i get to watch a lot of TV programs on so called Kids channels and they definitely aren’t  child like.

And i put in place what i thought were adequate measures to ensure they were not exposed to unsavory content.

My 9 year old knows the programs they can watch and they are some Kids channels that they absolutely cannot tune into.

I try to ensure that i first watch any new programs with them before i give them an OK.

But sometimes as i found out that is not enough.

When i heard my son use the word dummy referring to his sisters Barbie doll and i was stunned.

Where and  did he pick that up from ?

I asked him and one of the channels runs a cartoon of a boy who has a pet snake,that is where he got the word from

He knows we do not use any abusive language in our house and so after some explaining that the word was not a good one,it got me thinking…..

How many parents whether working from home or away from home ,ensure they have put in place the essential parental controls on the cable TV only to find their children using very colorful language?

Also most of the scripts are actually full of adult content and themes only that we have little people children performing them which makes them seem innocuous and innocent..

Next time you are at home,take some time to watch what you children are interested in and let me know what you think.

While we cannot completely eliminate TV watching,we can take some steps to ensure that what children watch is developmentally appropriate for their age.

  • View TV programs with your children,be the judge and use this time to guide them as to what content is appropriate .
  • Select shows for your children that are appropriate for their age.
  • Limit the amount of TV your children are watching each day.
  • Switch off the TV during mealtimes and family time.
  • Turn off the TV and let your children read a book,do a craft or play outside.
  • Turn off shows that are not appropriate