When a child is asleep,a mothers

When i shared my article on the opening of the breastfeeding room at Nestle Kenya,i never imagined the overwhelming response from working mothers when i asked them to share if they work at companies or organisation that offer child friendly work policies.

I   am  proud of the Kenyan companies leading the way in supporting women in the role they play as mothers or caregivers of children in their most formative years

One organisation stood out from all the rest,World Vision,an organisation whose vision statement reads .

Our vision for every child,life in all its fullness.

Our prayer for every heart,they will make it so.

Working mothers at World Vision enjoy a breastfeeding room that also doubles up as a pumping room,a clinic with a pediatrician who comes  two times a week,a children’ s room and a play area.

Companies offering enviable perks for working mothers let their employees enjoy use of   creches,flexible working hours,play area for their children and some even give the option of extending their maternity leave for an extra 8 weeks or 2 months of unpaid leave.

*Drum rolls*………….., in no articular order here is the 2015 list of the best companies to work for .

1.World Vision



4.World Bank

5.Standard  Chartered Bank

6.Kenyatta University

7.Nation Media 

And as we prepare to celebrate World Breastfeeding week from the 1st to the 7th of August do share the great places you are working at in the comments section .

Also your thoughts on companies or business that are adopting more supportive policies for working mothers.