You meet a lot of great people  on social networks and i have met a couple of amazing people blogging,one of them is the author of Mummytales.

Maryanne is as beautiful as her name sounds,she  is a great writer and i have been lucky enough to be a guest writer on her blog.

She recently  asked me to write about  healthy snacks we can pack for school kids.

I am often to be found along supermarket aisles  reading the labels of packets of potato crisps before i buy them.

Some brands have more artificial flavorings than others,so you may want to watch on that.

But how many of you have tried snacking on nuts?

Macadamia nuts are especially nutritious ,here is their nutritional code cracked.

Out of Africa has a wide array of  nuts and here is a pack of honey coated mixed nuts i devoured on a cold Easter Sunday as i read the paper.

Scrumptious pack of nuts i devoured....
Scrumptious pack of nuts i devoured….

Things to remember when buying any snack from the supermarket shelf  are…

1.You want the ingredients to be as natural as possible,none of the artificial flavorings and food coloring that seem to be the ingredients of choice for most junk food manufacturers.

2.Always always read the labels,know what you are putting into your body.

3.As much as possible make your own snacks at home,most of them are fairly easy to make from home.

4.Always check the expiration date .

5.Children under 3 years of age should not snack on nuts unsupervised .

And while you are preparing healthy snacks for your family as a mum or dad or caregiver,do not forget that you need to take care of yourself as well,loved this post by health writer Helen Sanders on  10 Light and Healthy  afternoon snacks that you can have on the go .

What I loved about this post was that all of them are packed full of nutrients that are good for your body ,they are readily available and can be easily packed and carried along.

Share with us some of your favourite snacks in the comments section,we would love to hear from you.