This recipe was inspired by my sister in laws who make the most amazing pumpkin chapatis.

It uses a sweet pumpkin that I picked from my kitchen garden but you can use butternut or whatever type of pumpkin is available.

The three flours i have used in the recipe are locally available and give the chapatis depth in terms of texture,flavour and colour and the added benefit of using whole wheat flour which is that you get dietary fibre,calcium and iron.


1 cup  pumpkin,cubed

3 cups water

1 cup whole wheat flour/amaranth flour

1 cup regular four

1 cup semolina flour

1 teaspoon salt

 1 scant tablespoon  sugar

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

vegetable oil for frying


1.In small saucepan put 2 cups of water then add the 1 cup of chopped pumpkin and bring it to boil.

Cook till pumpkin is tender about 15 minutes.

2.In a mixing bowl add the three flours,salt and sugar and mix together with a fork.

3.Once the pumpkin is cooked you are left with about 1 cup water,blend this or mash with a fork till it looks like a paste .Add half a  cup of water(cold) and then add it to the flour mixture,retaining half of it incase you need more water for the dough.

Make a well in the middle of the bowl with the flour and pout this pumpkin water in.

4.Incorporate flour into the pumpkin water with a fork, then once mixed use your hands to knead dough  for 5 minutes till the dough is soft and smooth.

5.Add the 3 tablespoons of olive oil and knead again about 2-3 minutes.

6.Let the dough rest for 30 minutes covered.

7.Get a large platter,sprinkle some flour  and using knife or kitchen scissors snip off dough and roll little dough balls the size of a small egg placing them on the platter .It makes about 12-14 chapatis.

8.On your rolling board roll out the chapatis into thin discs the size of a small dinner plate,brush with vegetable oil and roll into strip.Then roll the strip round into a round ball and place back on the platter.

9.Repeat this with the rest of the balls.

10.Heat a heavy frying pan.skillet/girdle over medium heat then take one ball of the dough roll it out into the size of a small dinner plate then place on the hot pan.

11.Watch for bubbles on top of the dough and you know it’s now time to turn the chapati over.

12.Brush the cooked side with some oil,turn it over.Brush the second side with oil turn it over,by now both side of the chapati should have lovely patchwork of brown.Turn it onto a clean platter and cover with a kitchen towel.

13.Repeat this with the rest of the chapati balls.

Serve with your favourite stew


I love pancakes.

I make them every Sunday morning for breakfast.

You can find some of the recipes for parsley/coriander pancakes,gram flour pancakes and pancakes where i used grated chocolate.

Last week I bought semolina flour because I wanted to make fresh pasta  and thought I could use it to make this pancakes.

Semolina makes the batter a little thicker than regular flour ,the pancakes also have crisper edges and they are a little thicker than crepes which makes them pancakes!

Semolina flour is yellow and  has a lot of gluten than people who sensitive to  gluten(a plant protein need  to stay away from.

The flour is made from the endosperm of durum wheat.

The Nakumatt chain of supermarkets sells locally produced of semolina in packets of 1 kilogramme at 85 shillings ,they also stock imported semolina in 500 grammes packets.

Gluten being a wheat protein that helps baked products like cakes,doughnuts,bread retain their shape better.

Here is the recipe ,the pineapple really gives them a sweet taste without the need for too much sugar.

Pineapple apart from being rich in Vitamin C also contains manganese a radical fighting dietary component and copper that helps in the utilization of iron.


1/cup semolina flour

1/2 cup all-purpose flour

2 eggs 

1 cup milk

1 scant tablespoon sugar

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoon ripe pineapple finely chopped

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

2 tablespoons extra virgin oil

oil for frying


1.In a blender combine  eggs,milk,flour,sugar.salt,essence and 2 tablespoon extra virgin oil in a blender and blend for 2 minutes.

2.Add the pineapple pieces and leave overnight in the fridge.

Next morning…….

3.In a skillet of heavy pan over medium heat  add i tablespoon of vegetable oil,once it hot enough about 60 seconds add some of the batter and swirl it till it cover base of pan thinly.

i use a serving spoon to measure out the batter.

Wait for 2-3 minutes till the pancake starts to curl around the edges and they turn a light brown then flip them over.

4.Add just a little bit of oil to cook the second side making sure to press down to ensure the pancake gets cooked,takes about 30-45 seconds.Then turn it onto a flat platter.

5.Repeat this with the remaining b atter and you are going to end up with about 4-6 pancakes.