Music as a lesson is no longer part of the Kenyan school curriculum , i thoroughly enjoyed music while in school.

Playing an instrument is a delicate  mathematical balance  of musical elements like  melody and rhythm to produce sound.

In the past few decades neuroscientists have been  observing a musicians brains while  playing an instrument in order to understand how our brains work.

Tasks such as reading,painting,playing an instrument have corresponding areas in the brain which can be observed with the help of f MRI machines and PET scanners.

By getting participants to listen to music,multiple areas of the brain were lighting up.Fireworks were literally going off in these areas.

Then observation was done on people while playing an instrument and it was a time for the brain to have jubilation!That brain was simultaneously processing information in astonishingly fast sequences.

The brain was having a party!

It engages your brains motor,auditory and visual cortices.Disciplined and structured playing of a musical instrument strengthens these brain areas allowing you to use these developed skills  to other activities.

By playing music you increase the volume and activity of the brains corpus callosum,the bridge that connects the two hemispheres allowing  messages to get across the brain faster and in more diverse routes .

Playing music has been called the brains version of a full body work out and rightly so!

This short animation from Ted ed by Anita Williamson will explain musicians exceptional linguistic and mathematical abilities that helps them solve complex problem.