#Maridadi Life is a lifestyle blog and part of the Maridadi Group ,through our blog we help brands reach out to the millions of women on the continent who form the bulk of online users and we carefully craft our  content to reach out to these women looking for information on lifestyle topics.

Around here you will find everything you never knew about the places we visit,people we meet,things we enjoy,stuff we find intriguing,books we read and brands we love ,above all we are not shy about celebrating everything beautiful about life.

In a world that is obsessed with negative news and too much gossip ,we are determined to celebrate lifestyle brands, relationships,people and the things that bring us together as human beings.

Maridadi Life works with  African Lifestyle brands  as well as global brands that have found a home on the continent,our work is to build and nurture the relationships these brands have with their customers and we leverage on our unique knowledge of the continent and its diverse cultures  to be able to do this.

Through our blog,which is how we help brands reach out to the millions of online readers on the continent,we carefully craft content

If this sounds like it describes you or your brand,you may want to talk to us hello@maridadilife.com