A well-tailored suit maketh the gentleman.

Clothes do not make the man,manners do but     man will ever go wrong in a well-tailored suit.

After walking the streets of Nairobi and seeing everything from suits that are too tight to those that do not exactly fit,i decided to do a post on why men need to learn how to dress well….in a suit.

A suit is defined as a set of garments usually made from the same cloth and consisting of at least a jacket and trousers.

But we all know you need a shirt,shoes to get the look completely right.

Even if you do not consider yourself a gentleman and are more laissez fare in the way you dress,you never know when you may need to wear one.

Indulge me and read on…


Gabriel Macht has a leading role in the hit TV series Suits
Gabriel Macht has a leading role in the hit TV series Suits

You jacket needs to be of a proper fit ,not to tight or too loose either.

The single breasted suit is the most common type of jacket in the wardrobe of most men.

Single breasted suits will either have 2 or 3 buttons though you may find some with up to 5 buttons,stay away from those.

Single breasted suits are more versatile when it comes to pairing them up with other items like jeans for a more casual look,double-breasted suits are not so forgiving.

Wearing a double-breasted suit is a style statement in it self,the cut of the suit,pattern and fit has to be just right for you to pull it off.

When it comes to wearing  the 3 button  single breasted suit  ,have your middle button always buttoned,you may sometimes unbutton your top   button  but never make the mistake of buttoning the bottom button.

For the 2 button suit,only ever fasten the top button when wearing it closed.

Shirt and Tie

Go for a fitted shirt,even if you are not exactly lean.

The most important measurements when buying a shirt are your neck size and arm length,know them every time you are going out to buy a shirt.

If you are wearing a tie,ensure the top of your tie meets your belt line for a dapper look.

When matching your shirt and tie go for contrasting colors and when wearing  complementary colors let them be of different shades but ensure your tie is a darker shade than your  shirt.


Your trouser forms the base of your look when wearing a suit.

Make sure they sit at the top of your hip bone,just below your navel.

They aim is  to have the trouser  drape  without having it   looking too loose or tight.

Shoes and socks

A general rule of thumb to follow is to match your socks  to the color of your suit.

This will lengthen the appearance of your leg.

With shoes the safest colors to go with no matter the color of your suit are brown and black.

The Oxford shoe is the most popular of men dress shoes and goes with almost anything.


Your belt watch band if you are wearing them need to be the same color as your shoes.

Though metallic wrist watches will go with almost any color.

Did we leave anything out?share your ideas in the comments section.We would love to hear from you.



Like  all most girls i love being stylishly dressed when i can.

I have mentioned before my continued interest in Pinterest and fashion blogs  .

And i do spend  a considerable amount of time looking for ways to appear stylish without it being too obvious.

Here is to being stylishly chic in 3 easy steps.

1.Wear clothes that fit

We cannot emphasize too much about wearing clothes that fit,not too tight or hanging to loose.They need to skim your body.

Get  clothes that don’t fit  tailored by a qualified seamstress to create a fitting outfit.

2.Don’t be too obvious with your love for luxury brands.The most stylish people i know do not wear the most expensive clothes or luxury brands.

Invest in classic pieces and learn how to pair them for a timeless ,effortless look .

3.Don’t over accessorize.One statement piece of jewellery is enough.

This goes for your hairstyle and make up to,keep it simple and not overly done.

How else do you think we can be stylish without being slaves to fashion,share your advice with us in the comments section.