Source:Maridadi Media
Source:Maridadi Media

There are somethings i have been upto over the last couple of weeks that have left me inspired,bewildered and plainly shocked.But the truly inspiring things have been pretty random.Like a friend who askedtoseeme for some blogging advice which then turned into  into coffee then into the famous java dawa accompanied by lots of laughter over the many things we have in common.

Or the stack of books i am reading which i need to finish reading.

Or that this post has been typed using a virtual keyboard because mine is not working ,which is a test in patience for me.

I have read 3 chapters of each book and  halfway with James Dobson Bringing up girls which i want to do a review for later and Becoming a Better You by Joel Osteenwhich definetely deserves a review too.

You may want to look at the other book reviews i have done before which are here.

Then i have a new found love for street magazines like this Martha Stewart Weddings i got and with truly beautiful photos. beautiful photoswhich appear at the top of the post!

You can get great things when roaming the streets of Nairobi,all for 300 shillings and i get to drool at the beautiful dresses and get inspiration for my next event planning gig.

I am trying to takee better pictures.

What random things have you been upto lately?





Walking the streets of Nairobi beats driving around in a car.

You get to discover streets where books can cost anything from  50 Kenya Shillings to 200 for best sellers.

Last week i was walking along Koinange street and i saw Chaim Potok’s Chosen.

I was so excited and with my best blank look i asked how much the book was going for,and lucky me it was going for 200 shillings.

  The Chosen

Let us back track a little,why was i excited and who is Chaim Potok?

I have been to many bookshops but i never find any of  his books.

The 2books  i have read were borrowed from friends who had brought them over from Europe.

Chaim Potok is an American Jewish author and The Chosen is his most acclaimed book which  was  turned into a movie with Potok having a cameo role as a professor.

It was published in 1967 ,stayed on the New York Best Seller List for 39 weeks selling more than 3.4 million copies.

Getting it for less than 2 Euros was a real bargain and the fact that i get to keep it is priceless.

What are you reading?Let me know in the comments section.