Sophia Loren…

Who does not love her?

I adore this lady of the big screen , one of her  infamous quotes in reference to her curves was

“Everything you see i owe to spaghetti.”

So we may not end up with the same curves as these beautiful woman but hey spaghetti can be enjoyed by anyone .

Definitely my go to meal when i have no time for something more elaborate.

Most pasta sold in retail stores comes with cooking instructions.

But to make truly great pasta,any pasta…the secret is lots of water and some salt.

Follow the time specified , i always take off a minute or two from the cooking time  so that the it has a little more bite to it or what is referred to as being  al  dente.

Always have a big enough saucepan to accommodate the pasta you are making,it needs to be literally swimming in  water.

Add salt to taste to your water once it starts boiling , it should taste like sea water  ,you will not taste the salt once you drain the water.

Serve pasta immediately,don’t let it sit around too long.

Buon appetitio!