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Almost two and a half years ago i discovered a way to check the statistics on a couple of pages on Facebook.

Then the data available was on how many users were checking onto the page ,at what time they were checking into each page and their age groups.

Now it is no longer possible to do so.

But i wrote a post on the best possible times to post on social media.

Today corporates and governments have discovered the virtual gold mine we are sitting on.

It almost feels like the scramble for Africa all over again.


The profiles of social media users are tickets to new products and services and tweaking of products and services to suit an increasingly demanding population.

In September 2014,the Pew Research Center released a report on social media use of American adults,Facebook beat all other platforms to remain as the most popular.

At least 70% of Facebook users interact with the site at least once a  day

If we compare this with Twitter usage.

We find that only 23% of internet users use the platform and of these only 19% of the entire adult population.

Instagram has continued to see steady increase too with 26% of internet users and 21% of the entire adult population.

More women are most likely to be active on Pinterest,Instagram and Facebook than men.

They spend far more time on social media sites than men.

And that is where marketers and product developers should be looking .

Let the scramble begin!