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Because I am extremely fond of the bright prints of Ankara,a friend and I are making these beautiful throws which are big enough to fit a couple of kids for movie night and are a great way to add character to your rooms.

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For the past one year i have been running a very busy corporation.

It is a large corporation covering the whole of Africa and it gave me sleepless nights.

There was always too much work to do and too little time to do it in.

Too many client meetings to go to.

Too many training sessions.

Too many providers i was running after.

What was a girl to do with all these work load?

But i had a little problem …..

The corporation existed on paper,everything else was in my head.

That is what in other simpler terms is called a dream.

It was time to stop dreaming and to start working.

January of this year and i told everyone i thought would be interested that i was now working for myself.

Maridadi Company is a brand that is proudly African

The name is in Swahili and it translates to beautiful because that is what Africa is.

Our aim is to be the number 1 provider of PR and Communication services to brands that are African or operate in Africa.

Our aim is to create a communication and PR network that builds African brands in words the continent understands thereby creating a consistent narrative .

Do you have a story,whats your African story?


Everyone loves a new beginning,i especially totally get excited at beginning something new.

Last year I got my self into a cul-de-sac and I had to find my way out…. somehow.

No one enjoys getting stuck in jobs,relationships,careers or businesses that are not going anywhere.We love to grow we are human and we are wired to thrive on change and challenges.a

A few lessons I learned while “stuck” was that getting stuck is not a bad thing…. so long as we don’t remain there or make no effort to get out of our rut.

It was while stuck that I discovered the true meaning of faith…faith in God and in myself.

Faith inspires us,gives us hope beyond our present circumstances and reminds us that we should not let the circumstances of our lives dictate who we are.

“You do not have to play the role life has handed you”

Remember that though the world has over 7 billion people,there will never be anyone like you …ever.

Learn to use your natural talents to create the kind of life you want,learn to really live and expect a lot out of live and it will respond in kind.

And if you haven’t yet discovered what your natural talents are,start by writing down the things you truly enjoy.What would you do for free without expecting anything in return?

Maybe you played an instrument as a child,enjoy cooking,painting,volunteering at a hospital or old people’s home,find something to do  that makes your heart sing.

And that is how I discovered that  am naturally drawn to inspire people be better and do better and Maridadi living was born .

Hope you will join me  on this amazing journey called life and we can have fun together.

Hugs and blessings,