Today was a great day.

I got to meet one of the most inspiring writers with an awesome blog.

With the stories of the women she has featured on her blog,i have cried ,laughed and prayed with them.

The writer of Mummy Tales  is like family to me,she has inspired me,we have exchanged emails and she knows all of my kids names.

The writer of Mummytales is Maryanne.

She is a journalist by training and a writer at  heart ,a rare combination and those are the kind of  people who truly inspire me.

She writes because she loves what she does and she wants to inspire  other people.

We had coffee,exchanged ideas and had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

She has asked me to contribute on her blog  when she had the Pearls of Wisdom series.

Pass by her blog and get inspired.


Planting treesHonestly any creative process is hard work.

It requires a belief in a purpose greater than yourself.

In the creative genius who is not you and in an  understanding that  you are just a channel through which a message is passing through.

You need to believe in the value you are bringing to the world and be so determined to see it through that you fears blush in shame.

My blog started as  a personal journal of my kitchen adventures to one whose aim is to inspire,empower and educate.

Quickly realized there were a lot of food blogs but even more gossip and entertainment blogs .

And the reason for this was because i was troubled by the numerous entertainment and gossip sites that were coming up each day.

Each with an even more lurid story of what some famous person had supposedly been up to.

And there i got my inspiration,to create content that was different.

I wanted to create  and share meaningful content.

The vision is for Maridadi is to build a network of people who by the actions create a better word for the next generation.

By writing and sharing content that informs and inspires,we can make a difference.

When adults take responsibility for  the next generation the world becomes a better place.

When we care enough about everything that happens to the  most vulnerable among us we build a better world.

When we care enough for what happens to our neighbors ,we all benefit.

Do you care?

Share how you are inspiring ,mentoring or changing the world in your own small way.