Courage does not favor the brave,it favors the defeated because they live to fight another day.

I never understood this until now.

Until i got children and until i got it clear in my mind the purpose i am alive today.

Too many times we think that the ones who win life’s battles are the ones who never know defeat or failure.

But the ones who win are the ones who know that every day comes with its own battles.

And we have to fight them.

And we win some and lose some.

But we never lose hope.

Tomorrow is another day.

And we live to fight another day…right?

The ones who win know the beauty of carrying around their battle scars.

…who know that being courageous is getting up when you have fallen down.

Courage never fails the defeated, it fails the ones who never took one more chance.

And another more chance and another moreĀ  chance.

Life is a lot more about chances than you would think.

Another chance to be alive,to love,to work to just be.

Yes life is for the ones who fail because they get up the next day .

“To fight another day.”