The sweet and heady scent of vanilla greeted me when i walked into the Victoria Court Furnishings Store at Garden City which is along  Thika Road.

The large ,well lit and thoughtfully laid out store bids you to get in and take a stroll around as you look at the wide array of couches/sofas,crockery,cutlery,beddings,consoles, and other furniture  that is very well laid out all across the floor.

Photo Source :Maridadi Images
Photo Source :Maridadi Images

A  friendly attendant told me i could look around and even sit on the sofas to see how well i liked them.

Quickly i sank myself into a plush,off white cushion with brown cushions and i was in sofa  heaven.

Definitely great quality,i could have stayed there forever.

The store has everything a new homeowner or anyone wanting to revamp their house would like.

Sofas in warm vibrant colors,very well finished to the tiniest details.

Duvets for the Nairobi Winter that has just began.

Artificial  flowers in all sizes to spruce up your table or console .

Photo Source :Maridadi Images
Photo Source :Maridadi Images

You can make your purchases either in cash or arrange for a monthly check off system -great idea.

Deliveries are done free of charge for any purchases of at least kshs  50,000 or more within a radius of 20 kilometres from their shop or warehouse that is on Mombasa road..

Before i left i went round again and found an off white  Chaise lounge that was on offer for kshs 29,999.

The rest of the store is a feast for the eyes  and  interior decor enthusiasts like myself, so do go pay the store a visit and let us know what you think.


Everyone  wants flawless clear skin.

Especially women as they get past their 20’s want clear flawless,supple skin.

But sometimes our efforts at keeping smooth blemish free skin are thwarted by the foods we eat.

This is the reason i  went on a little research trip to find out what i need to consume in moderation if i want blemish free skin as i get older.


It dehydrates your skin  by causing the water you consume to be metabolized before it reaches the skin.This will result in a dry flaky skin if you imbibe a lot.

Alcohol also conrtibutes to lack of sleep and the resulting dehydration from consuming too much alcohol will result in wrinkles and reduced skin elasticity.

The amount and frequency of alcohol consumption matter, as too much alcohol enlarges your blood vessels and interferes with your brain’s ability to control these vessels .

Alcohol also reduces the amount of nutrients getting absorbed  into your skin which will result in dry skin.

It  impairs your immune system and leaves your body susceptible to infections.

For women especially, we need to be more careful about the amount of alcohol we  take,not more than 175 ml of wine of ABV 13%

A woman’s body takes  longer to process alcohol than a man’s, and when it does, it is not as efficient.

If a man and a woman of the same weight take alcohol ,the woman’s body will have a higher amount of acohol than a man’s.

Sticking to the lower guidelines of alcohol consumption for women will see them enjoying better skin for longer.

Keeping hydrated as you enjoy your favourite tipple will  keep your skin hydrated.


I love coffee and Kenya is world famous for its Arabica coffee that is exported all over the world , i take at least a cup a day.

For some people , the combination of coffee and milk may lead to breakouts of acne.

If you happen to be one of them,then keeping  coffee off your diet  would do your skin good.

Coffee is  a diuretic and dehydrates your body causing your skin  not to get water that helps keep it supple.

If you take more than a cup of coffee everyday, make sure you take a glass of water for every cup of coffee you consume to keep your skin looking pretty.



A diet that is high in sugar activates enzymes that reduce healthy collagen.

The result of too much sugar in your diet is wrinkled and sagging skin.

Sugar is also bad for your teeth so make sure your swish water around your mouth after consuming sugary foods to remove build up that could lead to   tooth decay and  other gum related conditions.

4.Spicy Foods

Consuming a lot of spicy foods increases your metabolism  and these can be especially harmful to sensitive individuals as it may result in skin rashes.

5.Artificial sweeteners and colors

These have no nutritional value and some may irritate your skin if you are highly sensitive.Consumption of sweet and sugary foods also fosters sugar cravings which hinder intake of healthy foods like vegetables and fruits which are what your skin needs to keep it healthy.

Since artificial food colors are not excreted by your body they get stored in your body tissues and this may sometimes  result in skin break outs.


When consumed in moderation carbohydrates provide the much needed energy the body needs,however when intake is in excess it results in damage to collagen  as well as overproduction of glucose and insulin which can cause wrinkling and sagging.

It is why consumption of whole grains is encouraged as they contain antioxidants which reduce skin inflammation.

If you have any additions to this list or experiences you would want to share,pease feel free to share with us in the comments.




Technology gives us the power to change the world.Lets start by changing ourselves-Randi Zuckerberg

This book by Randi Zuckerberg is a gem  if you social media is one of your interest areas .

Photo source :
Photo source :

Incidentally the book i have has as its cover the exact photo i used for this blog post.

Written by Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, it is the perfect guide to socially navigating the digital age as President of Lucas Film,Kathleen Kennedy says on the book cover.

It is packed full of good and  reasonable advice for newbies on the social media scene as well as experts.

I especially liked the way Randi weaves stories of her life within and outside of Facebook  ,with advice on navigating social media as a parent ,  a career woman and  a business woman.

The book is divided into chapters covering everything from personal use of social media ,to career ,doing  good for other people as well as the the possibilities technology holds for the future..

Since i have a very keen interest in social media,my copy of the book is filled with highlighted text areas of what resonated really well with me.

Some of the moments in the book that stick out for me are when she talks of her  time at Facebook when Randi introduces to us the idea of the the hackathons they had at Facebook.Every month the people at Facebook stayed up all night working on their passion projects which they had to present to the entire company the next day after which they would have a pancake breakfast.

Now that is what i call chutzpah!

Randi also gives us an insider view of why Facebook is such a phenomenal success.

Facebook is incredibly powerful as a service precisely because people use their real names,identities and interests.From the start ,this was one of the  biggest competitive advantages over rival social networking sites.

She reminds us that the value of social media is not in the number of followers we collect but rather in the depth of relationships we build.

It is also not lost on me that she is especially proud of her Jewish heritage and talks about it when she attended the Word Economic Forum in 2010,Davos ,Switzerland .The Forum hosts a Jewish Shabat Dinner to mark the start of the Jewish sabbath and Randi was asked t sing the Yerushalayim shel Zahav( a tribute to the beauty of Jerusalem)

The book  is a reminder that the power of social media is in the  authentic  relationships we build online,those  human connections that  make life so wonderfully worth living.

Have you read the book,share with us your thoughts.




Over 65 years after Capri pants came onto the fashion scene,they are seeing a re emergence.

They are the close fitting calf length tapered trousers you have been seeing around town.

And like all good things they have a story that starts in Europe in 1948.

Sonja De Lennart named them after a famous island in Italy and they were first worn by one of my favorite movie stars Grace Kelly.

Over 65 years later they still remain a fashion classic.

So who can wear them  how do you wear them?

Capri 2

Anyone can wear Capri’s,for shorter people like myself think of creating a long vertical line with your silhouette inroder to create an illusion of height.

Stick to plain ,straight leg cuts and steer clear of cuffs and pockets if you are short.

Capri’s are best worn with tops that fall just below your waist line not further than that.

Capri’s are best worn with stilettos especially if you are short to give you some height.

Choose capris in colors that complement your skin tone,classic colors like  black,grey and white work for most skin tones.


I absolutely love having guests over at my house.

The organizing,planning and excitement i get when i think i have people to cook for and talk over things with at the dinner table is unexplainable.

Whether you are  like me or the thought of entertaining guests frazzles  you i have some advice for you.

Just relax.How to be a host

Entertaining guests is really simple,you just have to plan ahead and get organized and things will go spectacularly well.

Once you know you are having guest offer,some things you need to do are :

1.Shopping:Know ahead of time how long your guests is going to be staying for and shop accordingly.Stock up on your grocery as well as  any other items a guest may require to make their stay comfortable.

Ensure you always have some extra toiletries on hand in case your guest forgot a toothbrush or lotion.

2.Sleeping arrangements:Your guest will need some place to lay their head at the end of the day.

Ensure you have a clean and tidy room as well as  clean bed sheets,pillows and duvets for them the day they arrive.

Also set out a towel and hang it in the guest bathroom or at the end of the bed.

4.Storage space:Make sure your guests have a place to store their items.Empty some of your drawers if you have to and give them some closet space with some cloth hangers .

3.Bedside items:You can include some magazines,books for your guest to unwind with at the end of the day.

And if you happen to be someone elses house guest,here is how to be the perfect guest.

Any other things you think we may have forgotten,leave a comment to let us know.




A well-tailored suit maketh the gentleman.

Clothes do not make the man,manners do but     man will ever go wrong in a well-tailored suit.

After walking the streets of Nairobi and seeing everything from suits that are too tight to those that do not exactly fit,i decided to do a post on why men need to learn how to dress well….in a suit.

A suit is defined as a set of garments usually made from the same cloth and consisting of at least a jacket and trousers.

But we all know you need a shirt,shoes to get the look completely right.

Even if you do not consider yourself a gentleman and are more laissez fare in the way you dress,you never know when you may need to wear one.

Indulge me and read on…


Gabriel Macht has a leading role in the hit TV series Suits
Gabriel Macht has a leading role in the hit TV series Suits

You jacket needs to be of a proper fit ,not to tight or too loose either.

The single breasted suit is the most common type of jacket in the wardrobe of most men.

Single breasted suits will either have 2 or 3 buttons though you may find some with up to 5 buttons,stay away from those.

Single breasted suits are more versatile when it comes to pairing them up with other items like jeans for a more casual look,double-breasted suits are not so forgiving.

Wearing a double-breasted suit is a style statement in it self,the cut of the suit,pattern and fit has to be just right for you to pull it off.

When it comes to wearing  the 3 button  single breasted suit  ,have your middle button always buttoned,you may sometimes unbutton your top   button  but never make the mistake of buttoning the bottom button.

For the 2 button suit,only ever fasten the top button when wearing it closed.

Shirt and Tie

Go for a fitted shirt,even if you are not exactly lean.

The most important measurements when buying a shirt are your neck size and arm length,know them every time you are going out to buy a shirt.

If you are wearing a tie,ensure the top of your tie meets your belt line for a dapper look.

When matching your shirt and tie go for contrasting colors and when wearing  complementary colors let them be of different shades but ensure your tie is a darker shade than your  shirt.


Your trouser forms the base of your look when wearing a suit.

Make sure they sit at the top of your hip bone,just below your navel.

They aim is  to have the trouser  drape  without having it   looking too loose or tight.

Shoes and socks

A general rule of thumb to follow is to match your socks  to the color of your suit.

This will lengthen the appearance of your leg.

With shoes the safest colors to go with no matter the color of your suit are brown and black.

The Oxford shoe is the most popular of men dress shoes and goes with almost anything.


Your belt watch band if you are wearing them need to be the same color as your shoes.

Though metallic wrist watches will go with almost any color.

Did we leave anything out?share your ideas in the comments section.We would love to hear from you.


Working from home is not as easy as it is made out to be.

You get constant interruptions and with a wireless internet connection that keeps shifting to unimaginable corners of my house,it can get pretty interesting working from my home.

In the beginning i worked from all the corners of my house including my dining table.

But i  realized productivity would be increased if i got myself more organized.


Creating a space and place for you to work from will get you accomplishing more.

Set aside a time and a place for you to switch on your work mode.

And you need to get dressed too just like you would if you were working in an office.


Go outside

When you work from home it is very easy to feel shut in.

Get time to go out for short walks and take regular breaks.

The fresh air is great antidote to writers block.

Become smart with your money

When you work for yourself it is extremely important to become smart with your spending.

Invest in your financial management skills  or work with  a credible accountant or auditor to get your accounts in order .

Get social

Working from home  you become a lone ranger in an era where the majority of people have workmates to swap stories with  and company functions to look forward to.

Make it a point to schedule lunch or coffee dates and catch up with friends as well as out in the world.

Who knows your next big idea could come from there.

Do you work from home? leave a comment telling us how you make the most of your time and work space.




Being a mother of 3 i love taking photos of my children.

Anything that can capture the magical moments from when they wore their first shoes to their first tooth are captured on camera.

That sounds great  until you lose everything and all the memories are nothing but digital dust.

It happened to me,lost tens of photos of my daughters first  birthday and the video too!

Years worth of precious and irreplaceable memories  lost in an instant.

Managing  your digital memories is important if you don’t want to lose them.

Here is how to do this :

1.Begin by deleting unwanted photos and videos and duplicates too to save on space.

2.Organize your photos into folders and if the folders are too large,divide them into sub folders.

Name the folders depending on the themes,for example,baby’s dedication,wedding,engagement, etc.

3.Get an external hard drive to store your photos and videos if you have a very large collection. The general rule of thumb is to buy a hard disk that is two times the size of your PC.

Hard disk

It is possible to program your hard disk to do regular and automatic back ups of your photos and videos if you keep it plugged in.

4.Create a cloud account on any of the cloud storage service providers of your choice.Flickr has one of the biggest free services for up to 1TB which translates to about 500,000 photos.

5.Print out some of your photos  just in case.You will always have a hard copy in case you lose everything else.


6.Finally back up as often as you can.


Planting treesHonestly any creative process is hard work.

It requires a belief in a purpose greater than yourself.

In the creative genius who is not you and in an  understanding that  you are just a channel through which a message is passing through.

You need to believe in the value you are bringing to the world and be so determined to see it through that you fears blush in shame.

My blog started as  a personal journal of my kitchen adventures to one whose aim is to inspire,empower and educate.

Quickly realized there were a lot of food blogs but even more gossip and entertainment blogs .

And the reason for this was because i was troubled by the numerous entertainment and gossip sites that were coming up each day.

Each with an even more lurid story of what some famous person had supposedly been up to.

And there i got my inspiration,to create content that was different.

I wanted to create  and share meaningful content.

The vision is for Maridadi is to build a network of people who by the actions create a better word for the next generation.

By writing and sharing content that informs and inspires,we can make a difference.

When adults take responsibility for  the next generation the world becomes a better place.

When we care enough about everything that happens to the  most vulnerable among us we build a better world.

When we care enough for what happens to our neighbors ,we all benefit.

Do you care?

Share how you are inspiring ,mentoring or changing the world in your own small way.



Are you creative?

See a gap in local content creation?

Want to do more to fill in local content gaps?

Let us meet for coffee.

And here is why.

When Mozilla came to Kenya last year to do a report on internet usage.They discovered a few things.

Kenyan content online was on two things,gossip and entertainment.

Content was mainly targeted to the 18-27 age group.

Kenyans limited their use of the internet to social media.

Local content was sorely lacking,thus locking out non English speakers.

Get more of the report here.

And if you are a blogger living in Nairobi who is interested in creating local content,let us get together for coffee and see how we can create local content.

Get in touch let us share ideas over a cup of coffee.