With 2 children whom i do not give tea to,i decided to come up with my own version of instant chocolate that did not have all the extra sugar added to most brands.

After reading all the ingredients contained in most brands,i came up with a version that so far seems healthy enough for me as it only requires very little sweetening or none at all.

It costs more but is definitely worth the effort.


100 grammes unsweetened cocoa powder

250 grammes milk powder

200 grammes dark chocolate


1.Roughly chop the dark chocolate or grate it.

2.Pour the milk chocolate into a bowl,add the milk powder and the dark chocolate mix with a fork then put into an air tight container with a lid.Give a thorough shake then store it .

To prepare the hot chocolate:

In a small saucepan over low heat , pour a glass of milk then  add a heaped tablespoon of the cocoa mix.

Use a whisk to mix in the cocoa mixture till there are no lumps ,make sure not to let the milk boil.Just let it heat through till the chocolate is melted and then serve.

Add a marshmallow or two to your hot drink for special effect.

The result is a frothy chocolate drink that is simply out of this world.



Bailey’s Cream…..

My second indulgence after coffee.

Another “sometimes”  and not “all the time” drink like water.

Served with crushed ice,drizzled over vanilla ice cream,in whipped cream so many ways to enjoy this drink.

When paired with coffee it is a dream match!

Tyr it.

If you are going to use whipped cream then it has to be freshly made ,if you do not have the time to do that then by all means go the ice cream route.


1 cup espresso/regular cup of instant coffee

1 shot

Scoop of vanilla ice cream/whipped cream

Chocolate shavings/cocoa powder for garnishing(optional)


1.Add a shot of Bailey’s cream to your coffee, mix it in,then add the scoop of ice cream or whipped cream and garnish with chocolate shavings or a dust with some cocoa powder.



There are two types of food,there is “all the time” food and then there is “sometimes” food

All the time food is nutritious food like vegetables,fruits an everything your body requires to function and then there are sometimes food like this hot drink that should be taken..sometimes.

Now since its winter inKenya and  some parts of the world,this hot chocolate drink  will warm you up considerably.

Mug of hot chocolate


2 cups whole/low-fat milk

5 cubes of dark chocolate/cooking chocolate,grated

1 tsp vanilla essence

a pinch of  ground ginger


1.Over low heat,place small saucepan and then add the milk.

2.Add the grated chocolate,then vanilla essence and 2 pinches of ginger and using a wire whisk ,slowly whisk in the chocolate till it melts..

3.The chocolate mixture should be frothy  without a skin on top .

4.When all the chocolate has melted and milk is just about to boil ,turn off heat and put the milk into wide cups like those used to serve cappuccino.

5.Top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate shavings on top or a scoop of whipped cream.

NB:No need for sugar as the chocolate add some sweetness to it and ginger add some kick.

Keep warm this December