It is strange that my spell check does not recognize ugali…a Kenyan delicacy like that needs to be put in the Oxford dictionary.

In my younger days i hated ugali because the wooden stick used to stir it frequently found a home on my derriere when i was extra naughty.

The more glorified form of ugali that plays is in the  league of gourmet food is the Italian polenta.

Instead of boiling water and mixing in with your usual maize flour try the following tips to add some oomph to kawaida /regular  ugali:

1.Add desiccated coconut to your ugali,fresh i s best but if you cannot get fresh the store bought variety works fine too.The flakes add crunch to your ugali and an absolutely out of this world  nutty  aroma will fill your kitchen as you cook.A tablespoon or two for each cup of water should do.

Coconut milk or cream will also give you great results ,bye bye bland ugali.

2.Add fresh cream to your ugali halfway during the cooking time ,adding  it too early causes the ugali to burn before it is ready.

3.Grate some cheese into the ugali ,stir it into the ugali  then serve.

4.Add sour cream,use it in the same way you use the cream.

5.Mix in millet flour with your regular stir  ugali flour,this should be thoroughly mixed before you start making the ugali or else you get lumps.Cook ugali made from millet flour on medium high heat it burns very  quickly.

6.If you have left over ugali,don’t throw it away,cut it into cubes make an egg/milk and chopped coriander  mix,then fry or bake and have them for breakfast

What other unusual ways do your cook ugali….please share.


Last week  there were some sprigs of rosemary on sale at my local supermarket ,the inspiration behind this recipe.

I had already had rosemary in my tea in oven roast potatoes but had not prepared any meat dish with this herb .

Garlic and rosemary go really well together and you can try this dish with the this mukimo recipe .

Read more about the health and side effects of rosemary .

Whenever I buy meat in bulk letting it sit in the refrigerator overnight before i portion it and always gives me tender cuts  of meat that do not have to be stewed for long .

Here goes the recipe:



400grammes  of cubed beef.

2 large tomates,cubed

2 medium sized carrots,cubed

1 large onion cubed

5 cm sprig of rosemary .

salt to taste

Sprig of rosemary in beef stew..



1.Place a suitably sized saucepan over medium high heat and add  1 and a half tablespoonfuls of oil,then add your cubed onions,fry till the onions are softened and changed to an almost transclucent color.

2.Add your beef,let it brown then add your tomatoes and carrots ,cover and let cook for about 5-7  minutes.

3.Add  enough water to cover the meat and let simmer on low heat ,once the stew starts bubbling add a sprig of rosemary to your dish and let it simmer way for 10-15 minutes till your stew thickens and your meat is tender which may take longer for tougher cuts of meat .

4.Remove the rosemary sprig from the stew before serving

Buon appetito!


So the other day I posted about the bean stew  smothered and slowly simmered  in coconut milk and how delicious and out of this world it was.

Try it with split moong too and you will be blown away.

To make the coconut milk,follow this recipe.


2 cups pre cooked split moong beans

3 cups coconut milk

1 teaspoon dried oregano

1 medium-sized onion,sliced

2 large tomatoes,cubed

1 green bell pepper,cubed

2 medium-sized carrots,cubed

some salt and black pepper to taste


1.In a suitably sized sauce pan,put in the vegetables,add the moong beans and top with coconut mil making sure it covers the beans.

2.Add some salt and black pepper to taste.

2.Simmer on low heat for 45 minutes till sauce thickens.

3.Serve with coconut rice,chapati or anything….

4.You can also use an immersion blender and make a soup out of this stew.

Buon appetito!


Have you been wondering what goes really well with meatballs or your next dish of chicken stew?

Well here is my super scrumptious rice recipe to solve your dilemna.


1 cup long grain rice

2 tablespoons chopped flat leaf parsley

1 tablespoon chopped spring onions

1 tablespoon olive oil/vegetable oil

1 3/4 cups vegetable stock.chicken broth or water.


1.In a small sauce pan heat olive oil add the spring onions and parsley ,fry for 2 minutes till they begin to turn dark green.

2.Add some salt to taste,then add the washed and drained rice and stir ,make sure the onions and herb are well incorporated into the rice.

3.When rice begins to get a shiny look,it is time to add in the 1 and three-quarter cups of chicken/vegetable stock or water and lower heat to low.

4.Cook covered for 12-15 minutes and turn off heat,leave covered for 5 minutes then serve.


Parsley  can be more than a pretty garnish that adds pretty  accents food.

Did you know it gets rid of garlic breath ,better than chewing mint and with health benefits to boot.

It can  grown in the comfort of your apartment in a po,t either outdoors or indoors and you have fresh aprsley for your kitchen anytime you need it.

Parsley is in the same family as celery and it has been in use for more than two thousand years.

There are two kinds of parsley,flat leaf parsley that packs food with more flavour and can withstand cooking without losing any of its awesome flavours,and curly leaf parsley that has less flavour but is a wonderful garnish because of its curly leaves.

Parsley apart from providing flavour to foods comes packed with vitamin C,iron,Vitamin A nad flavonoids that contain anti oxidants that are great for zapping out those free radicals in the body that may cause disease.

Bowl of fresh parsley

To read more about the health benefits of parsley .

Be sure to try my savoury parsley crepes.

Other noble uses of parsley include:

1.Adding it to soups

2.As a flavour addition to egg dishes like omelettes,frittatas and scrambled eggs

3.In flour doughs for making chapatis,pizzas,bread and other savoury pastries

4.Incorporating it in dishes like mashed potatoes,meatballs.

5.In marinades for flavouring meats,poultry,fish.

6.In salads and pestos.

7.Incorporating it in sandwich fillings.

8.Adding it to butter and using it with toasted garlic bread.

9.Adding it to salad cream or mayonnaise for extra flavour

10.Some people even add the herb to fruit smoothies and vegetable juices.

So there you have 10 ways to have more of this awesome herb.