You probably think i am nuts but try this and you will not regret it.

I know that previously I have professed my love for a number of food items from coffee to sun-dried tomatoes to practically everything except caviar.

But I love sandwiches,I could have them for breakfast,lunch,supper.

Talking of bread reminds me of high school…..i ate so much bread but that a story for another day.

Here is what my daughter and I had yesterday evening and I had to let her finish off mine,it was that yummy.

Tomato avocado sandwich from


2 slices of whole wheat bread.

I half of an avocado

1/2 Granny Smith apple(the tart green ones)

1 tomato

A pinch of salt

dash of black pepper


1.On a clean plate lay out your slices of bread

2.Slice the avocado into thin slices lengthwise

3.Using a table spoon,scoop out the avocado slices  and arrange the avocado slices diagonally on one slice of bread.

4.Using a sharp knife,slice the tomato  into round slices.

5.Arrange on top of the avocado.

6.Do the same with the apple ,slicing it thinly and arranging the pieces on top of the tomatoes.

7.Sprinkle some salt and black pepper.

8.Bring the other slice of bread over this filling.

9.Press down lightly and slice diagonally.

10.Get ready to eat!

Bon appetit!


Snack box filled with fruit from after my last post you must be asking yourself what your child is going to eat ,right?

Well here are some healthy and nutritious ideas.


Pick fruits that retain their quality for long even after being out of the refrigerator for a while.

I am thinking of apples,oranges,tangerines,bananas,mangoes,grapes if you can afford them too are great.


Make sandwiches for your child,toast them if you can and you can include tomatoes,cucumber,shredded chicken or beef pieces,some cheese.Very healthy and tasty too

With sandwiches there is no lack of the fillings ,be adventurous.


Kenya exports some of the best cashew nuts in the world,peanuts too are good,give a taste of them to your child if they do not have any known peanut allergies.

Sesame seeds or simsim as we call it in Kenya, is readily available in Kenya and often i have seen sesame seed bars on sale .You can even make the sesame seed bars yourself if you feel adventurous enough.

4.Fruit yoghurt

Yoghurt especiialy the one that comes in little tubs and has some real fruit in it is also great,pack it that for your child together with a spoon and its good to go.

5.Popcorn is also another alternative so long as it is not too heavily salted or oily

And last but not least do not forget your childs water bottle.

What other healthy snacking ideas can you add to this list   that your child takes to school?