A time will come when as a parent you will have to organize a party for your child,in most instances  it will birthday parties  that will form the majority of these celebrations.

How you go about  organizing one will be an opportunity  to teach your child about social graces that they will carry with them through life.

In organizing for one, bear  in mind your budget and your child’s taste and definitely have some activity or entertainment in mind as children do get easily distracted.

1.Let your child help in providing the guest list .

Age range should be narrow as five year old’s and 10 year old’s  not get along very well.

2.Teach your child the importance of returning hospitality,get him or her to invite those who have invited them to parties.

3.The space you have available will determine the number of guests you can host.

4.Get an adult  helper if you will have more than 10 children attending the party.

5.If your child is inviting the whole class ensure no one is left out and explain to them the misery of being the odd one out not getting invited to the party.

6.Send out the party invites 2-3 weeks before the event to allow parents bringing their children to the party enough time to plan,include the reason for the event and the time when you expect it to start and end.

7.Let the children play before they eat.

8.Generally a party should not last more than 3 hours,the perfect time for having one is   between 3-6 pm.

9.If you are hiring an entertainer for the children let that be the last event of the day before children are picked by the parents,they will be less fussy .then

10.Let the children have fun.

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Being a mother of 3 i love taking photos of my children.

Anything that can capture the magical moments from when they wore their first shoes to their first tooth are captured on camera.

That sounds great  until you lose everything and all the memories are nothing but digital dust.

It happened to me,lost tens of photos of my daughters first  birthday and the video too!

Years worth of precious and irreplaceable memories  lost in an instant.

Managing  your digital memories is important if you don’t want to lose them.

Here is how to do this :

1.Begin by deleting unwanted photos and videos and duplicates too to save on space.

2.Organize your photos into folders and if the folders are too large,divide them into sub folders.

Name the folders depending on the themes,for example,baby’s dedication,wedding,engagement, etc.

3.Get an external hard drive to store your photos and videos if you have a very large collection. The general rule of thumb is to buy a hard disk that is two times the size of your PC.

Hard disk

It is possible to program your hard disk to do regular and automatic back ups of your photos and videos if you keep it plugged in.

4.Create a cloud account on any of the cloud storage service providers of your choice.Flickr has one of the biggest free services for up to 1TB which translates to about 500,000 photos.

5.Print out some of your photos  just in case.You will always have a hard copy in case you lose everything else.


6.Finally back up as often as you can.