phone et If you  use public transport  a lot you will relate to what i am talking about today .

Yes,those conversations we unabashedly and openly take an interest in when someone receives a call.

Save from covering your ears,you are forced to listen to a one sided conversation that sometimes carries on for too long and may sometimes border on the plainly embarrassing .

But are there ways we can   thoughtfully make use of our  of mobile phones  especially when we are in public places?

1.The first thing to remember should be that your phone is just a little device that helps you communicate with family,friends,business or work associates.It is not your  life.Don’t let it control you.

2.When in public  speak softly.

3.If you are attending a meeting or having an activity where your mobile phone need to be switched off,please do switch it off.

4.Don’t make , take phone calls  or text in places like church,while in a restaurant ,movie theater,hospital or while driving

5.Use proper language when out in public and are on phone.

6.When you are out shopping ,don’t make the service staff wait for you as you finish a phone call,it is rude.

7.When you have to receive an urgent phone call and you are in the company of others,move at least 3 meters away from them while you receive your call.

Good mobile phone etiquette is all a matter of being thoughtful,considerate and respectful of those around you.

Anything else we may have left out?share your thoughts and ideas in our comments,we would love to hear from you.


Female models walking on catwalk
Female models walking on catwalk

You get invited to the Paris  fashion week,knowing how packed it is going to be you want the front row seats

Getting there you make  a bee line for the front row seats,they are all labeled reserved and the only seats left vacant are the two last rows.

Why you ask yourself?

There is a reason for that and i am going to let you in on the secret.

Fashion show seating arrangements are a culture by themselves.

The seating logic is pretty simple when it comes to seating arrangements,the more important you are the closer you are to the all the action.

The golden tickets are the front row seats,that is where you find top  fashion writers,photographers,invited guests and celebrities.

Friends of the designer ,interns and other guests then  sit at the back or even stand.

Making seat arrangements is the preserve of a PR agency,don’t harbor any hard feeling towards the designer if you happen to be friends.

Do you have any questions or comments,we would be happy to answer them.Or just leave a comment to say you passed by.




In Africa everyone is family,this includes your mother’s distant cousin 5 times removed. So how do we carry ourselves when we find ourselves house guests no matter what continent we find ourselves in? How do we ensure the visit is pleasurable for us as guests as well as for our hosts?

Guest quote


Show up on time. It is polite to call ahead and confirm with your hosts what time you expect to arrive. You do not want to be getting them out of bed at midnight . Start off your visit on a pleasant note by keeping time. Remember to also show up in time for meals  and especially breakfast,show up dressed for the day.


Gift giving is a part of every culture Whenever you visiting someone,whether family or not there and plan to stay for more than a night it is important to bring with you a gift.

Offer to help

No one is ever too important to help even as a guest,make your bed,offer to set the table,wash or dry dishes and generally be considerate of your host or hostess. If you intend to stay for longer than five days and can afford to, offer to shop for groceries ,cook or take out your hosts for lunch or dinner.

Be tidy

As a guest always have your host in mind all the time and do not inconvenience your hosts by leaving  your things lying around the house. Keep your room tidy all the time no matter how many staff your host has. When it is time to leave,strip the bed and leave the room as you found it.

Tipping Staff

If you were staying at a house where there were staff waiting on you or taking care of your room,talk with your host and ask what would be an appropriate amount to leave for the staff

Thank you Note

Write a thank you note  or just say than you to your hosts for making your visit a pleasant and comfortable one at the end of your visit. Saying thank you will show your hosts how grateful and appreciative  you were for their hosting you. It is an acknowledgement that you do not take  anything they did for you for granted and an acknowledgement that they matter.




Modernity and technology have killed chivalry.

And despite what feminists tell you,being a gentleman does earn you points. The term gentleman denotes a man who is well mannered ,sensitive and educated.

While modernity has made women independent,they are still appreciative of kind ,thoughtful and well mannered men.

So what defines a true gentleman today? Is he the one pulling out chairs at restaurants for his wife or girlfriend,offering to change her flat tire even when he knows she can do it very well  or the one who always brings flowers for his significant other on special occasions? It is all that and much more.

Gentleman 2 Integrity and Character A gentleman has character and keeps his word. He says what he means and means what he says . He is less talk more action and knows that you should listen more than you talk.

Well dressed A real gentleman is always well dressed,even on casual Fridays turn up in well ironed clothes. Well dressed includes well groomed,neat clean nails and trimmed hair and beard. Get your cuticles trimmed and nails buffed to a healthy shine but do not apply clear nail polish,it looks artificial on a man.

Family and Friends

A gentleman knows family and friends come first. He knows how to prioritize his time to the most people in his life. He  picks and  keeps friends he can learn from.

Leader and a planner

A gentleman knows the actions and decisions he makes today will affect his future. He makes thoughtful decisions and knows the importance of planning ahead.


A gentleman will sit with his back to the crowd and the television.This is so as not to be distracted and to ensure he is fully attentive to his date The perfect gentleman only sits after his date is seated . And if your date is wearing a coat,please help her take it off.


If you are suing public transport and an elderly person or pregnant woman get on the bus with you and there is no other seat left,the perfect gentleman graciously gives up his seat for her. A gentleman will also hold an umbrella over a lady in case it is raining even it means he gets wet in the process. He will give up his jacket if he notices his significant other is shivering . If you are going out on a date, keep time,traffic is no excuse to be late.A gentleman plans ahead.

On marriage

When a gentleman makes up his mind on marriage .He will go and ask her father for her hand in marriage because it is respectful and courteous.

Good Guy Swag provided the resources for writing this article,so please head over there and be sure to leave a comment we may have left something out on what makes a perfect gentleman.



It is the 17th century,you are living in France and you belong to the ruling class.

You get invited by the King to his annual summer party  and when  you get there,you see  little cards with the rules of how to conduct yourself while within the royal precincts.

The term etiquette is actually a French word meaning little cards, invites to the royal court included  a little  card on how to conduct and carry yourself.

Over time the term has evolved to mean the rules of how we conduct and carry ourselves in different situations.

We are talking about etiquette this month on Maridadi Living.

How do you conduct yourself on a date,wedding,business lunch to how your stir your tea.

Included will be videos from etiquette consultants .

It will be a lot of fun,do share your views in our comments section we would love to hear from you!