One day I would love to have my own farm,have cows,a chicken coop,pigs the whole shebang with designer boots and sunglasses to match.

A beautiful cow with such amazing eyes…..from pinterest

I imagine myself rising up before cock-crow to make sure my cows which will all have cute names are getting milked as they listen to Mozart or Bach.I hear music calms them and makes them let down more milk…ahem..


For the longest time i have not seen a tub of cream on the supermarket shelf of the area i live in for some time,remember the milk crisis in Kenya ..?

Well it seems its over because all over sudden i ave seen sour cream,fresh cream even butter on the supermarket shelves and milk prices went down.

This definitely called for celebration and since i cannot pop champagne for now i bought myself fresh cream, whole 250 ml can,what can i do with it.

I made some creamy vegetable stew that we had with coconut rice and my kids loved it.

Here is the recipe.


500 grammes chopped mixed vegetables(green peas,french beans,carrots and sweet corn)

1 teaspoon minced garlic

1 medium-sized grated carrots

2 medium-sized ripe tomatoes

1 level tablespoon tomato paste

a dash of black pepper and salt to taste

2 tablespoons fresh cream.


I1.n a saucepan fry the onions till soft ,add the 1/2 teaspoon of minced garlic let it fry on low heat for 30 seconds then add the  grated carrots and tomatoes fry for a minute,add tomato paste let cook for a minute then add the rest of the vegetables.

2.Add salt and black pepper to taste and cover the pan and leave to cook on medium high heat for 5 minutes.

3.Add just enough water to cover the bottom of the pan let cook for a further 3 minutes let it simmer,then add the 2 tablespoons of cream and stir continuously till it melts into the stew and there are no lumps left then turn off heat.

Great with some savoury or coconut rice or chapati.


Sophia Loren in younger days.

“Everything you see I owe to spaghetti” – Sophia Loren .

She was not just referring to the benefits of eating pasta but to the overall benefits enjoyed by people whose diet is classified as Mediterranean . The cuisines mostly associated with this diet are from Italy,Greece,Spain but may also include  some 18 other countries that border the Mediterranean sea.

These diets use a lot of fresh foods and they eat a lot of fresh vegetables too.

Here is a simple pasta recipe anyone can cook with their eyes closed.


Baby spinach/any spinach whole (10 stalks)

1 medium-sized carrot grated

1 large tomato ,diced

1 small onion,diced

dash of black pepper,salt


200 grammes of spaghetti

Lots of water

Large enough saucepan 



The general rule of thumb to follow is grammes of spaghetti per person.

Make sure you have enough water to allow the spaghetti to have room to swirl around,that way you don’t end up with a lumpy mess.

1.Bring water to boil in a medium-sized saucepan and add the spinach whole,let it blanch for 2-3 minutes then scoop it out and let cool before chopping it.

2.Meanwhile bring the water you blanched the spinach in back to boil and add the pasta and let it boil for 6-7 minutes uncovered.

As the pasta boils get a pan and saute’ the onions till soft,add the tomatoes ,carrots,salt and some black pepper and let cook till soft on medium low heat.

4.By this time pasta should be ready,drain but reserve about 5-6 tablespoons of the pasta water which you add the pan with the vegetables to help thicken the sauce.

5.Add the chopped spinach let it cook for 2 minutes then  remove vegetable pan from heat and add the pasta,turning with kitchen tongs or fork so that the spaghetti strands are coated with the sauce.

6.Get a fork and twirl your way to spaghetti wonder land

Buon appetito!