For the longest time i have wanted  to make popsicle for the kids and when i saw  this 4 piece mold at Nakumatt,i grabbed it  and i prayed there would be some sun soon so that i could try making some.

I waited six weeks , finally last Saturday i did get to make some.

How to get your kids to drink more milk...make popsicles1
How to get your kids to drink more milk…make popsicles1


250 ml chocolate milk(you can make hot chocolate,wait for it to cool then  use it)


1.Fill the mold ,leave space of about a  centimeter from the top free to allow for expansion of the milk.

2.Freeze for 4-6 hours.

3.To remove the molds ,boil some water,dip the mold in hot water for 30 seconds,twists the  tops off,and remove from the mould.


Try different flavors like strawberry and vanilla and roll the popsicles in shaved chocolate or toasted coconut for some extra kick.


Living in the most beautiful town in Kenya has some perks.

Nakuru has amazing scenery,weather,great scenery and the best flea market in East Africa.

You get the most amazing finds ,like this cook book i got for 300 shillings  a few weeks ago.

It has so many classic recipes that i want to try,like Irish  Soda bread and filets mignons.

Awesome stuff!!!


The Cook book...
The Cook book…



Today i start a new segment called Broccoli Crazy great finds.

We will get to know where to buy great kitchen items like these very very cute measuring spoons i got from Nakumatt Stores in Nakuru.


They are a set of 5 ,with the smallest measure being 1/4 of a teaspoon going all the way to a tablespoonful.These are especially hand when you have to measure out ingredients like yeast,baking powder/soda ,spices and other ingredients.

They come in a variety of bold colors like pink,lime green and a rather pretty shade of orange.

Check them out they cost me just kshs 145.