Black Friday kicks off the Christmas holiday season,time to spend more time with family and it is a time we spend more time shopping as well.In light of this  I have decided to  work on a 12 days of Christmas  blog post series.

Christmas get me excited,I have such fond memories of Christmas from my childhood i literally cant keep still once December kicks in-which  might explain my inability to wait till December,1st to post this!

I will do a post on picking gifts for  loved ones,a post on being thankful,one on planning  for the year ahead,okay..let me stop there before giving too much away.

The holiday season is an opportunity to reflect on the 11 months of the year that have passed and getting down to plan  for the new year.

It is time to take stock of lessons we have learned and how we have grown and changed over the past 11 months.

It is a time to let go of past hurts and embrace forgiveness.

I am very excited to be starting the series and I hope you are too because I would love to hear from you as well about how your year has been and what you are hoping to do or see more of in the new year,on the blog as well,what kind of stories,posts you would  like more of.


Keep checking to see when we kick off and cant wait to share what I have been working on.






nutritionist poster

Eating healthy is a form of self love,only you can give it to yourself.

When you make up your mind to start eating healthy,the most difficult hurdle you will have to get over everyday is the hurdle of staying motivated to eat healthy.

Eating healthy is a lifestyle decision that will not be solved by going on a diet.It has to be a conscious decision every day to be mindful about what ends up on your plate.

When I started writing and talking about nutrition I was excited to share my knowledge and experience in the kitchen with my readers and I had a lot of fun.But the very same reason I started writing ,started to wane off because somehow I got demotivated.

Suddenly everywhere I looked,everyone was dishing out nutrition advice based on nothing but what was trending in social media groups.Everyone was selling slimming teas,juicing,keeping off carbohydrates,eating only proteins and making a mess of the beautiful science of why and  how food is used by our bodies.

Everyone was lapping up the myths as gospel truths and my interest in writing started to wane off.My only involvement in nutrition came when I took part in the medical camps organized by our church and I would give nutritional advice and counsel to the people i Met during those medical camps

It was  interesting to see people quickly becoming health experts of sorts from reading just a few articles and without any formal training on what nutrition is, how various conditions would influence how food was absorbed in the body,they would start giving out nutritional advice.

More interesting was to find myself dishing out nutrition advice even without thinking about it and bursting a few myths that were being bandied around as means to weight loss and health .So why did I stop writing again…..

And so I found myself back where I started writing about nutrition because the information  being being bandied about was that staying healthy was a 15 or 21 day affair of eating certain kinds of foods and avoiding others.

But is it …..really?

Staying healthy is a lifestyle choice,a reason most diets do not work is that they promise you  quick results that do not last because somehow you fall off the diet wagon.And so you will find yourself trying every diet that promises to give you quick results when instead you should be using your energy to make healthier lifestyle choices.

And that is the reason I am back to nutrition ,I  got tired of looking at food as if it was an enemy to be fought  instead of something to be enjoyed.

It was time to  burst some myths that I had come across on what living  and eating healthy was all about.You may want to read Why you are not losing weight and why you may not be gluten intolerant.

Here is what I would like to do for you ,as a nutritionist I would like to disrupt the way you see and think about healthy eating.How can you make food your partner in living a healthier life and not see it as something you should be afraid of?

There are many places,people ,pills and teas that promise you quick results but do they really work at keeping you there..at making healthy eating a lifestyle choice?

I have spent years reading about what eating healthy is all about and how we can use food to manage as well as maybe avoid certain conditions.Those same years have been spent seeing how blessed we are as a country because we have such a wide variety of foods and fresh foods to choose from.

Is there a way I can help you live healthier,make wiser food choices,maybe a   topic you would really like me to talk about or maybe write about that you think you need clarity on?

Write it in the comments section and let us see how we can start you on eating more healthy as well as keep you there.


A lot of people who know that i write  ask how i do it.

For many of us ,writing does not come easy.

We may have the ideas and content but we just can’t seem to get started.

The answer i give  is writing requires lots of mistakes.

And lots of bad writing to get it right.

Yes it does.

And you can only make a lot of mistakes from doing a lot of work.

When i first started writing i often repeated myself, words,phrases and generally became long winded with my first posts

Quickly i adapted to keeping my posts short and to editing .

This applies to any area you want to become adept at.


It takes 21 days to form a habit,whatever it is you want to be good at,set aside 21 days for it,then do a little bit of it everyday .

Do you have a specific skill you want to learn or perfect?Share you tips or lessons learned in the comment section.



In March there was the  2nd  annual Kenya ICT conference at the Kenyatta International Conference.

The event was held between the   2nd and 3rd of March this year.

There were a lot of conference attendants  and the exhibitors were absolutely smashing  with their applications.

And one of turned out to be a personal favorite.

An application,Kenyan if i may point out that and it aims at making revision fun and exciting.

With relatively few resources available for online learning,Revision 844 was launched in October 2014 and covers the Kenyan school curriculum from classes 4-8.

By making revision for exams a fun and interactive experience that can be done anywhere , anytime,the application seeks to provide better information for parents/guardians on a child’s revision progress.

For parents the application seeks to provide an ever growing source of  quality and relevant content  to give children a pleasant and beneficial learning experience.

The developers are working with the best teachers in  the top performing schools in The Kenya Certificate for Primary Education examinations held annually to develop content.

The national exam helps place primary  school students in high school and placement  is solely dependent on performance.

The developers dreams go further than Kenya,they would like to launch it in as many African countries as they can.Elementary school education in most African countries is pretty much almost the same and the platform the application operates on is flexible enough to see it adapted to a country’s educational needs.

If you are a parent reading this,get the application on your smart phone and let your child give it a try.

Do ensure you get back to us with feedback on the experience.

Go Revision 844 Team!


Count your blessings today and everyday after that.
Count your blessings today and everyday after that.

For the longest time….i kept a journal…..faithfully.

Then work came along,kids came along and well the rest is history.

And my journal writing  came to an end.

But guess what i have picked it up again.

At the beginning of the year  a friend of mine and i gave ourselves a challenge.

To join a Bible Study Group.

And we did.

We are going through the book of Numbers,we are at the end of it.

It is a journal of the Israelite s journey to the promised land.

My hint to keep on journal writing was write there in those verses.

So why keep a journal?

To remember to be grateful for everything i/we have.

To remember our trials,successes,failures and remember the lessons we have learned along the way.

To remember that every second we are alive counts and we can make a difference.

To remember to live.

Maridadi Living!