By H. Kahenya 

So today I saw a house. A beautiful beautiful house that ticked everything on my list. How possible is it to find a perfect house? I would drive past it and  wonder how people that lived there felt.

Its like the  question people ask when you get married…how are you feeling?


So last week I drove past the gate and there it was!!! My dream house ,the gate was open and I got to peep and have a glimpse of it.I a noticed something else,there was a   To Let sign on the door. I couldn’t believe it and told myself…on my way back  I would ask about it.

And I did just that, I was given a number to call which I did with one hand on the wheel , the other on my phone booked and booked an appointment to view the house.

Its a rainy Thursday morning and I get there 7 minutes early very pleased with myself.  I am already making a good impression, I tell myself. The agent arrives on time too and I am taken for the house tour!

If houses have character,this one had IT. From the floor,  staircase,  railings,  windows to the bedrooms everything was as I had pictured my dream house looking like. I was smitten! It even had a designated laundry area-indoors. I am talking about a more than 15 year old house…it was beautiful! It took my breath away and I couldn’t stop staring at it. The doors are made of beautiful aged wood and the locks are perfect antiques! Everything in that house was- Perfect! Okay maybe not everything…it still had the good old curtain box, the bathrooms were dated and the kitchen was not only dated but had lime green tiles but that could be fixed with time.

How could I be taken by something in this way? It was insane. The gardens…oooooh the gardens!!! They had swings, monkey bars, trampoline, a pool, a bench or two, guys!!! It was like a little resort in the heart of the city. I asked about the price and I immediately thought-a bit high but I think we can try.

By the end of the house tour, I was already visualizing where I would place my furniture and what I would do with the kitchen. I had a plan.

But first, my husband needed to see this beauty and I book an appointment for a second visit and I tell myself that in just two days I would see the house again and this time I would take pictures.

So the day comes and we arrive at the house, there it was sitting pretty and winking at me. We walk in and once again it embraces me with its warmth and beauty. I became weak and silently promised it a few modern touches. I was in love with this house. My husband looked around and was nodding. That was good for me. There was hope as long as he was nodding. Nodding is a positive sign. We are done with the tour and I say to him, ‘don’t say anything, let’s go for tea and there you can tell me what you think of it’.

So while we are having tea and I am suppressing my joy as I signal him to start talking. “The house is beautiful and it ticks all our boxes but I cannot pay that amount for that house; it is old”.

“huh? I can’t hear you!!!! What did you say?” My heart screams.

It reminded me of when I was younger and my  mum met me talking to a boy I had a crush on.  I was super smitten because I thought he would never give me the time of day. But here we were he was chatting me up and enjoying my company. Then my mum appears, pulls me by the ears all the way to our gate and even before waiting for the gate to be opened and she shouted,

“I never want to see you with that boy again!”

I remember wondering… what do I do with all this love I have for him? Many years later,here I was staring at my black coffee (tea wasn’t going to help in this case) wondering what I would do about my dream house. …how would I live without that house? How will I go on and still be happy? How will I drive past that gate without weeping? I tried to make a case for my beloved but it wasn’t working.

So here I am working my way to putting that house to bed! My heart aches.

Impossible to believe, but there certainly is another perfect house for us out there. This time it will tick all our boxes…even the cost box.

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