I love love love  love listening to music.

It has to be  loud enough for me to sing along.

So when my 5 year old decided to follow my cue and belt out his own rendition of  Owl City Carly Rae Jesens”s Good times while it was playing on radio ,i knew  better than to give him a talk on not playing loud music in the house.

Actually my dad is to blame loves good music and i started writing lyrics to songs when i was 10.

I could sing along to Bob Dylan’s Mrs Robinson and Simon and Garfunkel songs aand so on a cold July when i was in boarding schooland Miss Ndungu got a book of mine that had  lyrics to songs by artistes like …ahem … Madonna .

A coule of friends and i got a beating for our taste in music.

For the past couple of years i have a song that defined the year for me,last year it was John Legend’s “All  of me”,and this year….it’s Ed Sheerans “Thinking out loud” that i am totally in love with.

It gives me goose bumps every time i hear it play,and it sends a pleasant shiver down my spine…lol.

And the choreography in the video is smashing!.

If you are getting married anytime soon then this would be the perfect song for a first dance.


Thinking out loud video.

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