Mr Nyagah is a voracious reader,writer,prolific storyteller ,film producer but best of all he is my dad.

On the 21st of June the world will celebrate Father’s Day and i will be celebrating the great father has been.

The first Father’s Day celebration go back almost 100 years back, to  June 19th,1910 in Washington State.

Sonora Smart Dodd one of 6 children raised by her widowed dad went round  drumming up support  to  honor fathers.From then on  the holiday has spread to other parts of the world.

Fathers’ day does not feature or even have as much publicity as Mother’s day probably because Fathers are not as sentimental as mothers ,but they still matter and we should celebrate them.

A father  gives a child identity and belonging and in a world where male children get a lot of bashing we need to honor fathers so that they become positive role models for their children and other young boys who may look up to them.

While most men make the transition to fatherhood biologically,fathering requires that one makes the transition psychologically and behaviorally

Rob Palkovitz a professor at the University of Delaware has written a chapter in the  book  Why Fathers Matter:The Importance of Fathers and their Involvement with Children by Sean E brotherson and Joseph M White.He says that when Fathers embrace the role of fathering it brings the greatest changes in a man’s life and development as a person.

Image source Etsy.com
Image source Etsy.com

Being a father brings a new set of responsibilities unlike those of a husband.It will affect the choices a man makes as well as his behaviour in everyday life.

It is a role men grow into and  it takes time.

When a father nurtures the relationship he has with his children,they are less likely to be prone to problems such as depression,suicide,pre marital sex and drug or alcohol abuse .

A fathers love is best exemplified in the sacrifices they make for their children,the time taken off work to attend their children’s sporting activities at school,driving them to a friends birthday party or with homework and in so many other ways.

A father’s love will endure throughout their children’s lives through the choices they make and the affection and support they give to their children as they grow up.

It is to my dad that i owe my love for reading and writing,he made me read newspapers from the age of  9.

My husband is also an amazing father and i know so many other wonderful fathers out there who are bringing up the next generation of world changers and influencers.

This blog post is dedicated to you.

You are doing a great job!

Do share your thoughts on what fathers are and your favourite memories of your dads.



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