Finally it is week 28 and you have kicked into your third trimester.

What do you eat….?

Food guide during pregnancy....
Food guide during pregnancy….

Find out if you have been eating well during your first and second trimesters.

First let us get to understand what happens during this time.

Your body is storing fat to help in your body’s growth as well as for production of breast milk.

Your baby during this trimester will gain a layer of sub cutaneous fat giving them a chubby appearance.

It is important to continue with your intake of healthy and nutritious food as both you and baby need it.

Because your uterus is pressing on your stomach,you may find you feel fuller sooner,scatter your meals through out the day and have smaller portions .

Ensure you are covering all your nutrition basics that are necessary for a healthy pregnancy.

Your 5 nutritional needs that should be covered in all your meals are protein,calcium,folate,fiber and fat  which is not only an energy source but a transport medium for vitamins  A,D,E  and K.



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