This year i took on a new challenge,i decided i would grow my own vegetables.

I have a little garden where i grow  kales,spinach,spring onions,even tried strawberries but they aren’t doing so well.

On another part of my little farm i have corn/maize and beans ,green peas,zucchini,potatoes ,coriander,butternut and pumpkin.

That does sound a lot but it isn’t.

A few days ago i waded into the stalks of corn and went to work plucking beans and peas to store in my freezer.

There is nothing like eating food you have grown it tastes so good…!!!

You do not have to  have  a big piece of  land to grow  things lie coriander or carrots a pot a large one at that would do.

Here is a picture of the beans and peas that i got 3 hours later…

My loot of beans and peas...
My loot of beans and peas…

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