Kalloumi from the Brown’s Cheese range

30 minutes drive from Nairobi,a place where you get to  enjoy gourmet cheese,sumptuous lunch,a beer or two ,the kids get to milk real cows and have ice cream in a pristine scenic environment ..sounds unbelievable..?

Then you have not been to the Brown’s cheese farm in Limuru .

In October of last year,I posted an article about cheese which you can find here.

By then I had not heard about the Brown’s ,which is a pity because they have been making cheese for as long as I have been around.

Kenyans aren’t exactly cheese connoisseurs but it is amazing that the Brown’s have been able to turn a passion for cheese into something that is so truly phenomenal.

With the perfect setting in the pristine highlands of Limuru, set at an altitude of seven thousand feet  the perfect setting for their farm the Brown’s are crafting   award-winning artisan cheese .

The farm runs on the principle of passion for creating additive free delicious and fresh cheese.

It makes a large selection  of artisan cheese that includes  mascarpone,gouda,provolone,cheese dips and even has goat milk cheese.

Cheese which is very versatile as a dish can be had in all courses of a meal from appetizer  to dessert and the Brown’s cheese range provides all that together with recipes and tips from their cheese monger on how to choose,serve,store and get the best from their cheese.

Give them a call on  0716 875 766 or send an email to to book a date.

Their website is

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