Il Dolce..
Quintessential Italian pasticceria bringing together family and a passion for creating Italian sweet treats.

Photo courtesy: Il Dolce

The story behind Il Dolce is as sweet as the treats they will be churning out,Rita(part owner) is married to a Kenyan and her mother came to visit and wanting to be close to her granddaughter partnered with a friend who is a pastry chef and they are bringing to Nairobi original sweet treats from the Italian region of Sicily .Using the best ingredients ,all low-fat they are churning out Sicilian cakes like the Strawberry Chantilly a multi layered cake filled with cream and strawberry and topped with more cream and strawberry…

The Strawberry Chantilly….

There is the Lemon cake ,a light oven baked dessert that has as its base short bread filled with lemon cream and a daisy cake on the top that can be had for breakfast or tea.
It gets even better…..they also serve the Biance e Nero, or black and white ,a light version of the profiterole, filled with vanilla and covered in chocolate or coffee cream on the outside.
Get these sweet Sicilian delights from the Osteria del chianti restaurants and yes,they also will do wedding cakes and celebration cakes ..la dolce vita!!!!

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