I have a great love for outdoor dining and with our great weather Kenya is a wonderful place for alfresco dining whether you are having breakfast,lunch or dinner.

Nothing matches having meals outside in the fresh air,your taste buds just come alive and you enjoy the food more.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.
Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

We put so much thought and money  into indoor dining furniture , we can do the same for out-door dining if we are so inclined.

All you need is  furniture that can stand the elements and a small patio or verandah that adjoins your house and which should be preferably paved.

Here is a great article on choosing outdoor furniture that should set you on the path to enjoying the outdoors.

My family and I sometimes take out or coffee table and with the help of kikoys ,  khangas/lessos and  floor cushions    we have had  our  sunday lunch outside on the grass……dont let the lack of “appropriate furniture” deprive you of the fresh air outside.

Buon appetito!




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