In my mind nothing defines Indian cooking like turmeric.

India  is the home of curries,we would not be enjoying the tastes of India if it wasn’t for this spice that when  used in spice blends  gives dishes  their distinct  yellow colour.

Though it is  widely available in powder form,the turmeric root resembles the ginger root.

Turmeric powder.

Its has no noticeable flavour and is mainly used for its color,but it is blended with other spices which then add flavour to whatever dish it has been used in.

It can be paired with garam masala,ginger and garlic paste,hot chilli peppers,coriander,and cummin.

It will transform your dish of boiled rice into a lovely yellow color that stands out.

It gives stews a lovely yellow undertone and  transforms everything it is added to without changing the dishes flavour.

It  has been claimed to have medicinal properties which include being a natural liver detoxifier,as a natural treatment for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis due to its anti inflammatory properties and as a natural pain killer.Read more about turmeric benefits here.

Indian women have also been said to use turmeric as an anti-ageing agent in paste form

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