History has been very unfair to the cabbage as for quite a long time it has relegated the cabbage to a nondescript position as a poor mans vegetable.

Yet the vegetable has been known to contain anti carcinogenic properties that may help fight cancer as well as prevent growth of malignant tumours.

Cabbage contains significant amounts of the B,K and E vitamins as well as Vitamin C and A.

Vitamins are an essential component in the regulation of body functions from playing a role in immunity to helping in blood clotting,a role vitamin K plays very well.

It is also rich in the essential minerals potassium and since it is low in sodium is good for anyone with hypertension or oedema.It also has considerable amounts of calcium and phosphorus which are known bone builders.

Cabbage is great in salads or steamed.It is best to cook it for as little time as possible as it loses a lot of its Vitamin component when cooked.

If cooking make sure it retains its bright color and crunchy consistency so that you get the best from it.

When shopping it is best to go for firm cabbages,with bright green and from leaves and keep off cabbages that have started to turn yellow.

You can make salads with them fresh from the market but i have found once i store them in the fridge then it is better to steam them with just a little olive oil and grated carrots.

Here and here are recipes to start you off.

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