“I am wearing Ralp Lauren,no pants”-Barry Bee(Bee Movie)

A honey dip

One of my all time  favourite movies is the Bee Movie!I have watched it with my five-year old daughter countless number of times .

It tells the story of Barry the Bee who wants to save the bees from what he sees as  human exploitation.

If the law suit the bees had filed against human exploitation had gone through,it would have made it illegal for humans to say things such as “honey am home” or using honey in  beauty products and kitchens without paying royalties!.

It is a wonderful movie that captures in a very whimsical manner the really hard work and the complexity of bees..

Did you know a colony of bees will fly the equivalent of three orbits around the earth to collect just 1 kilo of honey!

Find interesting honey bee facts here.

Not only is honey great because it is a natural sweetener but it is also has anti oxidants that are  great in fighting off free radicals that cause disease ,Vitamin C,minimal amounts of phosphorus and selenium .

There are many things you can use honey for in the kitchen and they do not include using it as a bread spread.

1.In salad dressings

Mix a table-spoon of honey with the juice of three fresh lemons or lime an d use it as a dressing on fruit salads.

2.In marinades

Use it to marinade chicken or pork.Try out my sweet and sour chicken recipe.

3.In placeof sugar

Do you know it can replace sugar in most of your pastry recipes like chapatis,bread ,tea and other types of drinks that require sweetening.

4.In oven roasted bacon

Brush your strips of bacon with honey and then pop them under your grill.

5.In butter

Mix one tablespoon of honey with a few tablespoons of butter and you have honey butter.

6.”Hot” Honey

Add a few pinches of pepper flakes to honey,blend it together with some wine vinegar,olive oil,parsley,garlic  and you have a hot and sweet  dressing that can be drizzled over salads.

Its super yummy!

Like all things good,honey consumption should be in moderation as it is twice as sweet as  regular sugar.

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