Whisk used to whip up whipped cream

Have you ever wondered what people did when they never had rice cookers,deep fryers,mixers,blenders toasters,microwaves ,non stick pans and all manner of kitchen gadgets that fill up space in our kitchen cabinets?

Did they ever have pizza,blend their foods,have perfectly cooked rice,have fried food or bake cakes?

How was it ever possible when nowadays with the advent of advertising everyone is out to convince you   that you have to absolutely have that rice cooker that has at least 110 other functions?

Long before the advent of consumerism people survived and here is how.

1.Toaster/Pannini press

Instead of buying a fancy toaster that has leaves all manner of pretty designs on your bread here is how to toast bread.

Melt a teaspoon of butter in a pan and once it begins to melt,place the bread on the hot pan ,press it down till the bread begins to turn brown along the sides.This tells you a crust is beginning to form,flip it over and do the same for the other side.

You can have the same results without the butter,maybe with olive oil or none at all.

You can get the same results over a grill too.

2.Rice Cooker

For  perfeclty cooked rice every time without a rice cooker ,use 1 cup long grain rice with 1 and 3/4 cups of water and if using short grain rice follow this recipe

3.Food Processor

Want to grate your carrots and you do not own a food processor ,then some muscle work is involved,a good old-fashioned grater will do.

4.Oven for roast potatoes…?

Want roast potatoes but have no oven,here is a solution:Slit washed potatoes,skin on  in half,drizzle  some olive oil some salt and butter and wrap in foil.Throw over some hot coals on a grill/jiko,check after 10 minutes,perfectly cooked.

Check out other ways to use your grill here.


Wondering how to blend baby food or soups and you dont have a blender or want to   enjoy mashed potatoes,a good food mill will do the trick.

6.Garlic Press

Wondering how to mince your garlic and ginger,try grating it,chopping it finely,sprinkling 2 pinches of salt then rolling it fine with the help of a rolling pin.And if you can , get a pestle and mortar,gives you the same results.

7.Hand held.stand mixers

Long before you had mixers that came with dough hooks,whisk attachments,the good ol’ whisk was a life saver.

I will never forget having to cream together butter and sugar with a wooden spoon when I made my first cake on the grill,got some muscle work going and burned off a couple of calories too.

I always whip up  whipped cream with a hand whisk.

Also getting your hands a little bit “dirty” by mixing your doughs with the best things at the end of your arms ,your hands will become a labour of love.Nothing like taking pride in the work of your hands or is there?

8.Cake Oven

Did you know you can bake on your grill using just hot coals?when it comes to baking with a grill,you just need a large saucepan filled quarter with sand over a hot jiko or grill.Heat the sand till hot then place your cake tin with batter in the middle,be sure to have a large enough saucepan that will have space left over when you place your cake pan inside.

Cover the saucepan with a lid and place hot coals on top,be sure to check after 30-45 minutes ,its ready when a tooth pick or skewer inserted in the middle comes out clean and will depend on how hot your grill is,you do not want it too hot or it will not give yu the desired results.

Baking on a grill is especially great with pound cakes.

9.Electric Coffee Makers

Long before there were electric coffee makers there were and there still are Moka pots.Read about them here.

Or that long before they were electric coffee grinders there were manual grinders that to me are just a work of art!

Vintage coffee grinders

Invented in 1901 they allowed people to enjoy espresso without worrying about electricity bills and if you ask me coffee from a Moka pot the old fashioned way is better than that from a plugged in device,but that’s just me.

10.Special Pizza Oven

Finally….want pizza?great pizzas are those that come from wood burning pizza ovens,just  ask the italians.

I am even  thinking of building one myself from bricks,minipizzas can even be made on the grill so long as you have hot coals.

See how cluttered our kitchen have become with too many gadgets that we use just once then put away.

What other kitchen gadgets do you think should have been on the list but i missed out on?feel free to share.

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