If there are two things that describe Kenyans better than Brand Kenya can its Beer and Nyama Choma.

So much so that you cannot imagine East African Breweries doing a Tusker lager advert(one of our best exports if i may say so) without succulent goat ribs featuring somewhere on that ad.

Now nyama chama is our version of grilled meat and Kenyans love their grilled goat ribs,though on this side we prefer to call them roast.

But technically speaking we grill meat not roast it,roasting is done in the oven,in an enclosed space with an indirect source of heat doing all the cooking.

Now cooking terminologies done with,did you know you can grill anything and everything?

From vegetables to bread to  Tofu,most foods take very well to grilling .

Grill marks add some pizzazz to foods and not only is it healthy its tasty too.


Everything from tomatoes,onions,egg plants(aubergines),even lettuce can be grilled.

And what use are grilled veggies you may ask?with just some simple vinaigrette vegetables are taken from glam to fab!


Yes you can grill bread too.

Just  brush it with olive oil,rub a clove of garlic onto the hot bread and you have garlic bread.

Great accompaniment for soups as well as for making panninis or sandwiches.

Grilled Pineapples
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Pineapples,bananas,mangoes can ll be slightly grilled for extra sweetness because the heat caramelizes the sugar in the fruit and yum yum yum.

They can also be served with a side serving of either plain yoghurt or some whipped cream and you can hit the gym later.

4.Heathier alternative to frying

As an alternative to frying or boiling root vegetables like potatoes,sweet potatoes,plantains or bananas,grilling is a great way to get some extra flavour into these foods.


A grill can also be used as a sort of  oven,just wrap whatever food you want cooked and fish is especially good for this with some foil,even banana leaves will do and you have yourself a great meal with just the use of a charcoal stove/jiko and a grill mesh.

6.Mini pizza’s

Thiscan also be cokked on a grill,with just tomatoes,mince meat(already cooked),some cheese you can be enjoying one of Italy’s best exports right in your own backyard.

Bon appetit!

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