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Despite what most people think,good nutrition is just a scientific term for healthy wholesome eating.Give your body what it need to grow,rejuvenate,function and fight off disease and infection and you can live to be 100 years.

But trust human beings,we hate rules and through out our life span we often break more than a few.

Nutritionist then are just the angels on our right shoulder reminding us that our bodies need more than fried foods,soft drinks and alcohol to get by.

So for those who can’t stand nutrition speak ,here are a few rules you will never forget.

1.Fresh is best.

This is one rule you should never forget,vegetables and fruits in season are always cheap and you get the most nutritional value from them.So always remember that when shopping.

Fresh vegetables always taste best,better than anything from a can or bag for that matter.

2.Read food labels-always

Most of the time when we go shopping for anything from cereals,to tomato sauce to many food that is out of a can or box,we just automatically put it in the shopping cart without reading what ingredients are in it.

Always read your labels and if you recognize none of the ingredients used to make that tub of margarine or can of tomato paste,leave it on the shelf.

If you can’t recognize most of what is listed as ingredients  or if it reads like the periodic table in high school chemistry then it  is not good for you or your body.Put it back on the shelf

3.Your health is in your hands

“The key to good health is in your hands” may often sound cliché but yes it true.

Only you can determine what end s up on your plate and in your body ,make the right choices.

4.Nature’s best kept secrets

Mother nature has  provided herbs and spices that when added to food ,take it to a whole new level.

I am thinking ginger,garlic,rosemary,cinnamon,oregano,mint,basil .Most of them are available in almost all supermarkets either whole or in powdered form

You do not need that bottle of commercial food flavouring!

5.If its being advertised it may not be  good for your body

If you look at most food adverts,90% of the time they involve things that aren’t too good for you.

From soft drinks,to alcohol to cigarettes,and everything in between consists of items your doctor has either warned you about or asked you to take moderate amounts of.

Reason being that most of these items that make up an advertising company executive see dollar signs have no nutritional value other than the feel good factor they make you get.

I am yet to see vegetables being advertised.

So there goes,5 simple rules you can live by and if you have to break them remember take everything your doctor says is bad of you in moderation.

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