Legend has it that garlic bulbs were hand in houses in mediaeval times to chase away evil spirits,but nowadays in Kenyan cuisine it is increasingly gaining prominence as a tasty alternative to commercial food condiments.

But did you know that garlic also has other uses apart from using it to make pilau?

Garlic is an excellent source of manganese and a good source of vitamin B (B1 & B6), vitamin C, protein, phosphorus, selenium, calcium, potassium, iron and copper.(source

1.Garlic Bread

Toast bread,get a clove of garlic and split it lengthwise,rub lightly on  warm bread and you have garlic bread.

Nothing ever tasted so good served with  a mug of ginger tea,there is even no need for margarine or butter.

2.Use in salad dressings

Ok,we all know of the expensive range of dressing available on supermarket shelves,you can make you own vinaigrettes with just some oil,lemon juice and some minced garlic.

Garlic adds a tangy flavour to all salads.

You ration of oil to acid when making vinaigrettes is should be 2:1

3.In soups and stews

Using  garlic in your soups and stews  gives them a bold distinct falvour.Your family will be asking for second servings not to mention the health benefits they will be getting by eating more of this wonder bulb.

Do you use garlic in your kitchen,share some of the ways you use it .

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