All my babes have never been chubby and i know one other friend of mine who wa sin the same class with me and one day while we were sharing war stories on mother hood we both lamented the fact that our babes have never been the poster images of bouncing bundles of joy.

Too often mothers have this idea in their heads that babies must be for lack of a better word “fat”.So wes tuff our little angels with food just so that when we go the next visit the scales will do us proud and declare that all the porridge,cereal,milk,fruits we gave them did not go to waste.

A lot of the time we forget that being heavy is not always a sign of good health.

Many factors play a part in determining how much your baby is going  to weigh like genes for example.

My babies never weighed more than 3 kilos at birth and seeing that i gave them all the right foods their growth charts everytime  visited the pediatrician were always on a steady rise,they never showed any drastic changes unless they were sick which was rarely.

At one time  made the mistake of going to a different pediatrician as the regular one who had followed my daughter from birth  was out of the country  and he ordered for all manner of tests on my daughter who was then barely two years.

Reason,he thought she was too lean for her age.

They found nothing wrong with her(thank God) but from then on I made sure  I stuck to one paedetrician who assured me I had nothing to worry about,my daughter was growing at her own pace.

For any mothers reading this who may be worried their babies are not as round or chubby as their neighbours,I would like to tell them to take it easy.So long as your child is taking meals that cover all the important food groups from carbohydrates to proteins and taking their fruits and vegetables to cover their vitamin and essential minerals intake there should be no cause for alarm.


  1. My boy was born abit heavy (3.7kg), and everyone expects him to be this big herculean boy now. But he remains tall and lean, and not as big as everyone thought he would be. All the babies who were born smaller than him are now much heavier than him, and moms can really discourage you when they discover your young one isn’t putting on ‘that much weight’ yet he was ‘born so big’. But he’s healthy and growing well, so no worries for me.

    1. So long as he is healthy there should not be cause for concern.I always get surprised when i hear mothers saying they want theior children to be a certain weight,forgetting there are genes involved or that they want their babbies round and heavy.

      A heavy child will always have a very hard time moving or playing becuase of the weight they have to carry.
      But i guess its a more of a cultural thing where heaviness has been seen as a sign of good health and wealth too.

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